since green arrow the flash supergirl won't be on here live action

Why not give us animated version of green arrow the flash supergirl even throw in legends and black lighting

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I think they try to create shows and movies of characters that are lesser known characters. Since supergirl flash and arrow are extremely popular characters with their show, they will try not to show those characters. Hence we are getting a Shazam movie because he is less known. That’s why we are getting stargirl and doom patrol and swamp thing. Don’t get me wrong, they still use their popular characters, like Harley Quinn. But their is a reason why Batman and supes are not having their own show right now

Right now CW has an exclusive rights with Netflix over their programming. I have no doubt that one the time is up to renegotiate, those shows will end up on DCU.

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Between JLU and CW I believe Supergirl, GA and flash have enough exposure. I admire DC Universe for giving us lesser known characters that deserve the spotlight. The DCEU could use the same advice. Flash doesn’t need a movie but Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) does.

I’d love to see a Blue Beetle movie in the vein of Ant-Man, where Ted Kord passes the Scarab onto Jaime and mentors him, like Pym mentored Scott.


The CW threatened to pull their shows from Netflix two years ago (, but a new multi-year agreement was reached between the two about 6 months later (