Silver Age Superman #46

I can’t find it on the app and is supposed to be first confirmation of Silver Age Superman. Is is going to be added to the app? Please add more landmark Silver Age Superman and Superboy to the catalog.

One the great things I am enjoying about this app is that it fills in gaps from classic back issues that I find at my LCS. I can read the issue before or after a classic Superman book that was randomly found in a long box. Also, I can go to DCU to look at my old 25 cent books that are so damaged I can’t take them out of the bag anymore.

Superman Vol 1 #46 (1947) Superboy appears in a flashback, before that Golden Age Superman never mentioned adventures during his childhood. The issue is referenced by editors in 1956 during Superman’s Silver Age retcon to show how Earth 1 and Earth 2 were different. It was published at the end of Golden Age but retconned to be included in Silver Age history.

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