Silly question of the Day

Here is a silly question does Superman or any Kryptonian feel hot sauce like humans ? Do they feel the burn? Also wouldn’t it be awesome to see Superman on hot ones since his secret identity is out there. Let me know my superfriends. ( see what I did there funny I know dad joke; how cringe is it)

He definitely tastes it- some of his favorite foods have been established (beef bourguignon, apple pie with ice cream, etc). As far as hot sauce goes, I imagine he’d be able to pinpoint every ingredient used. If he was on Hot Ones before, he’d have to fake being in any kind of pain. Now he could answer questions honestly.

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@jaysinleigh.36789 awesome visual and what book is that from I know I’ve seen it somewhere just forefront of my mind.

@jsmsiggy Actions Comics #840 the finale of Geoff Johns and Kurt Busiek’s ‘Up, Up, and Away’.

@jaysinleigh.36789 well congratulations you made me want to read that again lol. It’s been years since I read it .

You pose a very interesting question @jsmsiggy. On the one hand, Supes clearly has a very acute sense of taste. On the other hand, he’s completely invulnerable (with the usual exceptions). Given that, I would think that he would taste the spice as normal humans would, but he wouldn’t feel the burn.

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@Batman0803 I think maybe he could get a sense of the spice but definitely wouldn’t feel any of the pain . Also, the man of steel has been around for over 80 years and no one has asked how the man of steel feels hot sauce. I hope I get a call back if a writer like Brian Michael Bendis sees this and answers this question.

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