Sign out question

I can’t find a “sign out” option anywhere in my account dashboard. I have another computer I’d like to sign in on, but I can’t remember my password, and since I can’t sign out on the computer I’m most often on, I can’t change my password so I can get on elsewhere.

Hey there!

If you go to the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE tab of the Community site (or just the homepage of, you can hover over your icon/user name to pull down a small dropdown list of options. One of them is the option to log out.

Additionally, the Settings option there is where you will go if you want to change your password. There’s a log out button there as well. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

If I go to the DCUI tab, I lose my user icon and I just get a “sign up/login” prompt, not the user ID I have here on the community tab.

I’ve seen that pop up a few times as well. I’m not entirely sure how to get around it if you’re not on a VPN (and if you are, usually this can be fixed by disconnecting from it). I believe our support team was made aware of this issue, so if it continues, it may be best to reach out to them here.

You can try manually visiting the Settings page here. I’m not positive if that’ll work or if you’ll run into a “not acceptable” message given that it’s not registering you as being logged in.

Otherwise, do you have the DCUI app on your phone? There’s an option to reset your password through the app too — it’s located under the “My DC” tab, and then under the Settings cog.

Last question first:
The DCUI app is not on my phone, so that option is not on the table, currently. Should I feel it necessary, I just might give it a try, though.

On the page where I get the “login” prompt, when I get in there, it does have the “change password” option, but when it claims it’s going to send a code (or whatever) to my email address, nothing arrives.

And I have checked the “spam/junk” folder.

At this point in the troubleshooting steps, I’d recommend reaching out to the Customer Support team linked in my previous post and let them know you need assistance changing your password. They might be able to send you a reset manually. :slight_smile:

Make sure to also include details of the issues you’ve run into on the DCUI site that prohibited you from accessing your settings. It may very well be on their radar already, but details/screenshots are always helpful if they can be provided.

Thanks much!