Shout Out to Your “Home” Comic Book Store

They bring us joy and entertainment and an opportunity to find new favorite s everyday (especially Wednesday s)- so show them some love. What and where is your favorite Comic Store? Mine is The Deep in Huntsville AL

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Cobalt Comics in Aurora, CO, and 2nd & Charles in Centennial, CO

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Awesome topic idea, @wvp! Definitely a big shoutout to Mavericks Cards and Comics in Dayton, Ohio. Both of our dads grew up on this store and shared it with us as kids. The photos don’t do it justice. That comic book smell and the sheer amount of collectibles and books is breathtaking!

Here is our local shop, Mighty Moose Comics. The store owner is so knowledgeable and really makes the effort to get to know you and your comic preferences while introducing you to some new characters and stories as well. The fact that my eyes are closed in this photo shows the pure bliss of finding a new comic shop! :grin:


Thank you, @dogwelder9! :relaxed:

Fanfare in Kalamazoo, MI has been around sense the late 80’s I believe. It has a wonderful assortment of comics, cards, vinatge games & movies and plenty of table top games of all varietys. With a freindly welcomeing staff that knows regulars by name its one of my favorite places to go every wed.

Comics N’ Stuff
Carlsbad, CA


Comix Corner!

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Encounter Comics & Games, Allentown PA Great bunch of guys, love spending my time there.

Paper Heroes in Lake Charles LA

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Tosche Station Fairfax, VA

Collected in Fort Worth Texas!

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DC Universe Infinite

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Shout to the closest comics book store to me (I’m an hour and 45 minutes away)! Been there a few times and I love it there. The people are really nice. Shout out to Captain Blue Hen Comics is Newark, DE!!! If anyone from there or in the area sees this say hello and like this!

OMG!!! I was literally about to post this store. I haven’t lived in California for a while, but I will never forget this place. I was in middle school and just starting to get into comic books, but unsure where to start. This place was like a dream come true. I was able to find all the new stuff and go through the backlogs. I’ll never forget the excitement of FINALLY finding the first volume of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe after months of searching. I would literally spend hours in there while my parents roamed the mall. Such a throwback.

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