Shouldn't a Doom Patrol trailer be out by now?

Doom Patrol comes out in two months and we still don’t have a trailer or a first look at the team. What’re you doing DCU?

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They’re more likely to promote Young Justice Season 3 since it’s up next. When we’re in the middle of YJ, they’ll probably start hyping up Doom Patrol.

Now is the right time to start hyping up both. They us a first look at the team or a teaser!

Should give*

I would assume when YJ season 3 starts we will get a teaser for Doom Patrol

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We already got a first look with the Doom Patrol episode and hype has begun for that. It makes sense for them to wait until Young Justice starts


I wouldn’t watch it if there was one. I’m too invested in those characters to wanna see anything b4 the final product. I’ve waited this long for this show, I can easily wait til it’s unlocked on my iPad & ready to Air Cast to my Tv. I’m an avoid all trailers on anything I know I’m going to watch for sure anyways viewer tho. So I can’t give an opinion on how early trailers, reveals etc. should be. I wait til I’m watching it to see the 1st looks of any show/movie I’m this excited for.

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I’m guessing we’ll get a trailer sometime between the finale of Titans and midway through YJ.