Shouldn’t the rest of Crisis on Infinite Earths be on Comics?

Also tell what other comics that you want to read on DC Universe.

Would enjoy the rest of the series on here to proofread it, but I believe it is clean, so I will probably get it regardless.

While more comics would be nice, I would rather have a filtering system to help identify comics that would raise individual appeal.

Why wouldn’t you make ALL volumes available in a particular series at the same time? I’m a newbie who grew up with DC and it’s beyond frustrating!


Thanks again for the feedback @Jimbo; as mentioned on your other thread on this topic in the Suggestion Box, please also consider sharing your additional content requests on our main thread on the matter:

ComiXology has it on sale now. Its normally $19.99, the sale is for $4.99.

It may be coming. MODS asked what 5 comics would u want hypothetically on Watchtower. I’d suggest it on there, more then a few did & the MODS are great on feedback & listening to the members.

The reason why DC doesn’t put out entire comics here is they want you to pay for the monthly service AND buy the trades.

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