Should we limit this site only to superheroes?

Just wondering: since the name of this app is DC Universe should we limit the features on here to the caped crowd? DC has dozens of characters that aren’t super. They have war, western detective and romance characters. They also have Sugar and Spike and other humor strips as well as their “funny animals” although i suppose they are now on earth 23.

So, should we limit this site to just the supers or do you think there are enough subscribers to make it worthwhile for DC to try something original with non-universe properties. Perhaps an original sitcom or drama, war movie/series, western or perhaps even a soap? Does anybody think they would watch or do you think there are enough alternatives?

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I hope not. I am a huge fan of Jonah Hex and a couple of other non-capes. The variety of characters beyond the standard justice league bunch is one of the best things about the DC line of comics. Hope Hex comes back as a monthly soon.

To clarify (sorry with no edit yet) I meant that I hope they don’t limit to just the cape crowd. Variety is good.

Its meant to be all things DC. I mean they have Human Target on here; I didn’t even know that was a thing!

Makes me wonder if they put all the really bad movies up too, like Green Lantern and Jonah Hex…then again this app has Birds of Prey, Batman and Robin, and Superman IV, so guess I just answeree my own question.

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Swamp thing kind of is something like what you are saying. They will probably add more original content as the service grows.

Actually foodini, I assumed it was understood that ancillary characters like Swamp Thing were included in the question. No, I am talking about DC owned but not in canon concepts like Binky although I guess he was mentioned as being in continuity in Convergence. Or something like Date with Debby or Date with Judy whichever one of those DC owns. Or something like Angel Love or the characters from the soap they did over in Secret Hearts in the 70s(?). Even some of their more humorous characters like Ginger Snap or Jerry the Jitterbug who appeared mostly in fillers when comicbooks still had fillers. We can always put them in a separate section.

Maybe even create original characters or concepts just for this app.