should WB and DC have teamed up to launch their own app?

the reason im asking this is because i know WB makes dc flims and WB are launching their own app i feel if they had made an app together we would get a ton of DC content for movies what do you guys think should they have teamed up and made an app together

If they did, I would appreciate that, but the price would go up. There are so many movies and tv shows under Warner Bros. and/or DC Comics that it would be a lifetime requirement to attempt to view everything.

This app is tailored to DC fans. The WB streaming service will offer content from the WB vault (movies and TV shows) and will be for a wider base of subscribers (not necessarily comic book fans). The price point for the latter service (although tiered) will be higher since it will be offering more content.

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YEs, because I don’t want to pay for 2 subscriptions and I love DC and other WB content


I think most of the WB produced DC movies not currently licensed out elsewhere are on here. Not sure even then if they would have the DCEU movies and WB TV shows. Which I assume is what most think is missing. As far as DC stuff I think if they did a WB app right now, this is about all DC related we would still get as the Arrowverse, Izombie, Lucifer etc would still be tied up and the DCEU movies are tied up streaming or too new to be put on something like this yet.

I am hoping they combine them when the wb app comes out

It would be the dream to see The Dark Knight on here.

They should be together. The DC app while good is still limited for the price. This is going to get expensive with all the media companies fragmenting.

No, I like that DC has complete control of their own app. There may be licensing issues with acquiring certain content, including deals they made in the past that could hold up their full library of comics, not just movies and shows, but WB needs to stay away from this app. Look what happened to Justice League. I don’t want them gutting any of the original content on here, because they don’t like the tone of it.