Should Vertigo Comics Be Added To DC Universe?

As the title says, should Vertigo Comics (and other imprints) be included on DC Universe? Vertigo contains a vast library of some of the best comics, from The Sandman to Preacher.


I don’t know. On the one hand, it brings stuff like Sandman. But they may not actually be able to do it. It would be cool. If they could bring that in and some graphic novels, the site would be so much better.


There are substantial issues with licensing and royalties on at least some vertigo titles. So it’s not as cut and dry as bringing in straight up DC comics.

Sales of graphic novels may still be high enough that it’s not a good financial move for DC at this point in time.

While I’d love to see both happen, it’s a complex bit of accounting and contacts. So I can understand why they aren’t here as a general rule.


As part of the deal to.get is the 23 thousand issues in.our library

DC Comics (not DC Universe) had to placate:

which would lose a lot of sales. for these back issues
Comixology got exclusive for Vertigo
A large part of Comixology Unlimited is 'borrowing" for 'free" many Vertigo titles for the monthly fee.

Also titles like Sandman big seller for
Local Comic Book.Stores
And Book Stores

many Vertigo Titles are semi creator owned
With different rights reprint issues.


I awesome eventually those titles not snared in some other legal agreements will make it here. Initially it sounded like Wonder Comics wasn’t coming but Young Justice 1 came last week


Let’s take it to the polls!

  • Yes, all Vertigo plz…
  • Add the ones that directly relate to DC Universe content!
  • Add the ones that are easy to license, at the very least.
  • No! No! Verti-GO!

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Oh, man, I would kill to have Vertigo added to DCU. To prove my unwavering support of this (unlikely) endeavor, I’ve written a short poem.

I’d kill for Vertigo
From Y: The Last Man
To Transmetropolitan
Oh, how I wish it were so.


The answer to “should we have more comics?” is always yes.


Sandman and Y the last man would be great!


While I would like having more than less, i understand the licensing rights and economic issues. However, more than that, i think there are plenty of comics that I would love to see here that have minimal or no rights issues.

For example, back in the 80’s, DC and Sea Gate Distribution co-published two comic based on art that the legendary Frank Frazetta did for DC many decades ago. DC presumably owns the rights, I’d love to see it here. I’d also like to see Superman #400, with the greatest collection of creators ever.

I’d love to see sections of DCU dedicated to highlighting other artists, maybe highlight an artist of the month (and get some video too). If they wanted to highlight a classic artist with their work and some video and have an advertiser sponsor the artist of the month and give the advertising money to the artist, I’m cool with that. Last I heard a while back, writer William Messner-Loebs was homeless, Maybe something like this could help.


I don’t think it is as simple as them adding it because we say we want it. I think they know we want it.

But objectively yes, would love to have them on here. Always wanted to read Fables and all it’s spin-offs in order. Or to check out more of iZombie which I only read the first trade of.

It also would mean the Grant Morrison Animal Man books would be back and I am all for that.


Fables would be my #1, but I’m guessing that series is more likely tied up with ownership issues than others.


I definitely want Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run on DC Universe, especially since the title didn’t become a Vertigo book until after his run ended.


U nailed it . I was just scrolling down to say the same thing but it wouldn’t have been as good. The question wasn’t legally can they, it was would u want it to happen “if” it could. The answer has to be yes in that world.


Yes I would also love having vertigo comics here it would be amazingly awesome.


I definitely feel like Vertigo comics should be added to DC Universe. They have some of the best stories like Sandman, Preacher, V for Vendetta, and so on. It makes sense to add Vertigo comics since some Vertigo characters interact with DC characters like Swamp Thing and Constantine.




I would love for Vertigo to be added, but I dont think it’ll ever happen.


I’d say the stuff that started out as DC should be. I’ve always thought Sandman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Lucifer, Hellblazer, and Sandman Mystery Theater all took place in the DCU…just in the dodgy neighborhoods where you don’t go after dark.


I think the first Vertigo Swamp Thing issue was 138. Sho there’s a ton of non-Vertigo Swamp Thing which we should be able to read