Should the Injustice Series Continue Without Kevin Conroy?

So, Kevin Conroy voiced Batman for over 30 different projects and one of them was the Injustice series. It was the first time in years where he had to not only portray two versions of Batman in the same project, but the first time since TNBA that he broke out his Bruce Wayne voice.

My question is that now that he has passed away, should the Injustice game series continue, since he is the voice of that Batman and recasting is not always received well.


Sorry to say it, yes. Cause there are alot of other good voice actor who can play Batman as well whether it’s Rino Ramero, Troy Baker and The guy who voice Batman in The Brave & The Bold.
They’re not replacing Kevin, we’ll look at it this way, it’ll continue the Batman’s legacy.:slightly_smiling_face:



Which one was he? I lost track years ago.


2004 The Batman animation.:slightly_smiling_face:


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Diedrich Bader. He is also Lex Luthor in Red Son and Guy who is there to die in Shazam 2.


It’s certainly a difficult question to ask but probably a necessary one. Given the much bigger scale of Injustice 2 compared to the first game and the way that story ended (assuming Batman’s ending is the canon one), I don’t think a third game would even be necessary in general. But all the signs seem to point to Netherrealm definitely doing it, even if they’re certainly taking their time. Of course maybe they could also be bold and not have Batman in it at all, but let’s be honest, DC/WB would never go for that given his popularity

So ultimately a recast seems like the most likely possibility. As much as it’d pain me to not hear Conroy’s voice in Injustice, there are still some great Batman voice actors out there who’d do a great job. I had also considered the possibility of another character taking over the mantle so we could still have Batman w/out Bruce, but unless they dive back into the multiverse that seems unlikely given how things have played out on the Injustice earth


I agree. It just depends on who you pick, since if you make the right choice, the game will be more popular and there fore sell more. But if you screw up, people won’t want to buy the game.

Sadly that isn’t possible, though I wish it was; Dick Greyson is dead, Tim Drake got lasered by Zod, Jason Todd is missing and already tried being Batman, and Damien is in prison and/or the Phantom Zone. The most likely thing would be Harley becoming the next Batwoman, which I only suggest since Batman trusted her so much he was ready to make her Robin in the Injustice 2 comics. Still is, I suppose.

On the bright side, the Batgirl in the Injustice universe still exists and could continue Bruce’s ways.

Thank the Big Belly Burger joint in the sky, it is.


I think Injustice could continue without Kevin Conroy; the series has always been an ensemble project bigger than one actor. I don’t think we could ever see a continuation of Batman: The Animated Series, though. Even revisiting the DCAU Justice League would be hard to do without him. But he wasn’t synonymous with Injustice in the same way as other incarnations he voiced.


Let me pitch you this: Cassandra Cain as Batman.


Rick and Morty


Kevin Conroy personally believed and understood that Batman was even bigger than him and that the character means so much to people everywhere. While he was always flattered when someone told him he was their favorite Batman, he knows that there are many actors that have played him as well, and I think it can be assumed that he would want other actors to keep playing the character. I think he would be happy that other actors could voice Batman and continue to give fans the Batman content they want.


Was she introduced? I’ve officially lost track.


She has not! But you could always write her in.


Maybe if I worked for Neitherrealm. Alas, I most likely never will. Too much switching C with K for me.

I mean, come on! It’s Cupcakes, not KupKakes!


I get why many people probably wouldn’t want another Batman voice without Kevin, but there are plenty of great voice actors to play Batman. It would kind of suck to cancel a project about Batman or has Batman in it, simply because one of the voice actors are gone.

It’s like saying if a favorite live-action actor of Batman died and Hollywood says, “Let’s cancel the Matt Reeves series and not make anymore Batman movies because one of our Batman actors passed away”.

Besides I need an Injustice 3 to happen and give the story a big, definitive ending


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Troy Baker would be a good transition; he sounds enough like Conroy that people wouldn’t be worried, but the more they heard his take, the more people would be at ease with someone else taking on this version of Batman.