Should Superman be younger than Batman

Generally Superman is shown to be younger than Batman by a few years. Should that trend continue?

Given that Pattinson is 33, it would be plausible that Superman would need to be cast to an actor younger than Pattinson by a few years.

If that is the case, despite his stated desire to continue the role, Cavill may have seen his last screen time as the Man of Steel?

I don’t think it really matters which of them is younger or older. What matters is that good actor is playing the part. I will have to see how Robert Pattinson does as Batman.


Is he younger? I admit I don’t pay much attention on the age of the two but I have read a lot of comics on both. Also we don’t know what WB is planing as far as this Batman being part of the DCEU. Also thought you said/argued that the last few movies like SS, WW, Shazam weren’t part of the DCEU, or that they weren’t doing it anymore. To me 3 years isn’t a big deal really, at that age you kinda look the same for awhile.

In general, yes in my mind Batman is a couple of years older than Superman, but relatively close in age. But, for purposes of WB don’t think it requires recasting.

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just wanting to make sure thats what was said.

" They’ve moved away from a cinematic universe."
“I can certainly argue the case that no references to the specific instances of Snyder’s characters in Suicide Squad or WW or Shazam.”

I would disagree with you for the same reasons everyone pointed out on the “Should the Snyder cut be released on DCU” or whatever the thread title was. If thats how you feel thats cool. DC continuity is all over the place and I just pick and chose what I want to be relevant anyways. Its more about a good story to me than whether it fits in with other stuff, but thats mainly for comics though.


I’m not saying they need to. I merely posed the question.

Cavill was ok in the role. But, he could easily be replaced. In fact as DC moves farther away from a shared universe, a different actor would be a good call.

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Ok, I just was wondering why you were questioning it if you didn’t think they were going with a shared universe anymore.
I liked Cavill and would like him to get another chance with the role. Like I said the 3 year age difference isn’t really a biggie for me.

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I think they should show him younger just because of the difference in aging,especially if you have an older batman.

Had they adopted that idea, and I wish they had, it would have given Christian Bale the opportunity to come back as Batman even after the events of Dark Knight Rises. I wish we could have had 2 more Superman films, and then a justice league film. It would have been appealing to have the foundation laid for most of the characters.