Should Sandman Be a Part of The New DCEU?

Due to the use of characters like Lyta and little baby Daniel and their connection, family-wise, to Wonder Woman in the comics, should Netflix’s The Sandman be part of the new DCEU that James Gunn and Peter Safran are creating?


No, I say let it be entirely it’s own thing. DC characters like Etrigan, Scarecrow, and Martian Manhunter made cameo’s early on, but as the series progressed and grow into itself, that stopped. Dr. Destiny being in the show was unavoidable, but they side stepped that by never mentioning that that was who he is. That story arc works just as well if he’s just John Dee.


Not the Netflix show. But it would be interesting to have references to dream or events from sandman in the new DCU.


I like it being its own thing or it’s own little pocket of things.

Give me a Gwendolyn Christie Lucifer show and I NEED the Jenna Coleman Johanna Constantine series.

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If it is done right, yes. Don’t ruin a great self-contained show just to smush it into a bigger universe.

Nah. Keeping it its own thing assures it remains timeless. All of the biggest crossing points with the DC Universe were in the first couple volumes anyway, so now that those have been covered connecting it to the larger DCU now would feel too forced.