Should Red X be in the main comic continuity?

Do you think Red X should be brought into the main current continuity?

If it means getting rid of Redhood, then no.


I’ve always thought Red X would make a good antagonist in Batman Beyond.

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I don’t think adding Red X would mean “getting rid” of Red Hood.
If this about the fan-theory that X was Jason Todd the whole time, the producers of Teen Titans have already said that isn’t the case.

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Seems like a waste of perfectly good IP not to have him around somewhere. He was a reasonably entertaining antagonist with a cool design, and people who are familiar with the Teen Titans animated show would be happy to see him and maybe get an explanation for who he actually is. At the very least, they could get a decent arc or two of Nightwing or Teen Titans out of the idea.

I’m not majorly excited about the idea, but I’m always down for interesting new characters.

On the one hand, not knowing Red X’ identity was part of the intrigue with the character. On the other, even some characters that started out with “no past” have had that explained (Wolverine, Rogue), so it may not be necessary to try keep his real name/face a secret permanently.
In either event, I can’t say I’m currently eager for X to make his debut in comics, but mostly because of my dwindling faith in DC as a whole.

I think it would be cool to have Red X in the main DC continuity. But not as Jason Todd. It would be much more interesting if Red X was a clone or something of Jason, created by the league of assassins similarly to the Heritic from the new 52 Batman Incorporated comics.

I’d like to see Red X as an occasional villain. Yes the clone theory makes sense. A clone that was a combo of Bruce’s DNA and Jason’s DNA. I wouldn’t put it past Ra’s to do an experiment like that.

I know a lot of people on here are clamoring for him to have some sort of connection to Jason Todd, but…
Well, I couldn’t help but notice that neither Tim Drake nor Damian Wayne have definitive “arch villains/rivals”…
(Or even Duke Thomas. Heck, an arch for Cass or Steph could be neat, too)

I think they could do something like how they’re currently handling Arkham Knight, taking the name and look and giving it a new identity.

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I wouldn’t mind him popping up as a sort of throwaway villain at the start of an arc, but I don’t know if I need six-to-twelve issues of him.