Should My Friends Skip The Main Storyline For Brightest Day?

Ok so I’m trying to get my friends into geoff johns green lantern, and looking back the main storyline for Brightest day had almost nothing to do with the green lantern titles(GL, GLC, EW)

Should they just skip? Read some issues? Or read the whole thing?


You could probably skip Brightest Day if you only want to read just Green Lantern, but if you want to experience every Hal Jordan-starring title that Johns penned, I’d say go for Brightest Day, especially since it’s a follow-up to Blackest Night, which is essential in Johns’ GL output.

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True, but Brightest day has more to do with the resurrected heros than it does with Green lanterns, that’s the main reason I’m thinking of telling them to skip it.

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Exactly why it can be skipped. :slight_smile:

However, I say never skip a Johns book.

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