Should Jim Lee quit DC?

Jim Lee is one of the best creators that comics has ever seen. From Marvel to Image to DC he has left his mark.

I’m a huge Wildstorm fan, have been from the start. That’s why it pains me to see Mr Lee’s & others creations languishing in DC purgatory.

I believe Jim should quit DC, get ownership of Wildstorm characters, and make his own comics again and produce his own movies, TV shows, and animation. Why stop there, how many of you would play a Grifter videogame? I sure would.

So should Jim Lee quit DC and go his own way or stay and draw Batman again and take meetings with suits?




It’s an aspiring goal, but nobody in the mainstream even knows who Jim Lee even is. He’s a legend to us sure. But to the mass majority, aka the consumer, the only person they can name who writes or draw comics is Stan Lee. Jim Lee would be sacrificing everything for something that would only mean something to a small percentage of fans. Similar almost to quiting a band to go solo. Idk


Yes! Absolutely! Because I, um, love his art! So, uh, much!

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Nobody knows who makes Bloodshot comic, but Sony still has Vin Diesel playing him. Netflix bought Mark Millar’s company to make movies and TV shows. Why not Jim Lee? Jim Lee is more well known than Garth Ennis and Amazon is producing his book.

He’s getting paid by DC mainly to keep him off competition.
He doesn’t have to do anything, except a random alternate cover. And he gets paid.
Why would he quit?


Maybe to get his work in front of more people. You would think by this time DC would’ve made an animated movie just to say thanks.

One thing you may be overlooking: Jim Lee is the creative director of DC Universe. This whole service is his baby. I’m uncertain if its future without him.


Regarding a movie in relation to Lee, Hush is coming along soon. That arc of Batman is where he made his first major mark on the DC landscape.

As for the topic, no. I like him where he is.

waves to Jim in case he’s reading


People’s desires change over time. He seems happy in his position. He may want /like his hand on the rudder of DCU. I can see Jim Lee thinking, what would it be to have a massive comics brand with a single environment as its digital world. DCU could be that but it’s gonna take time and guidance from someone who can know and live with a foot on each side. Talent & business.


Creative Director of other people’s creations, no matter how much he likes doing it, Batman will forever be a Finger/kane character. The only reason I can see for him to stay is because he can’t get his characters back and that if he did leave they would fade into the ether never to be seen again.

One unaired tv pilot in 20 years for a title he had nothing to do with is a crime for a man that has created so many characters. It isn’t like DC is lighting the world on fire with their productions. Business dictates that better to have an intellectual property and not use it than to have it compete against you. As a fan, I want to see Apollo & Midnighter, Grifter, and Holden Carver on my tv or in my local multiplex.

It’s posts like this that make me question the value of the forum, the site might be better off with out it.

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I think that while Wildstorm will always be of imperative importance to Mr. Lee, that he’s beyond it and has been for several years, if not decades, by now.

He has supreme faith in who’s running the “show” at a given time, but he clearly loves DC proper to a grand degree and getting his hands into the Heavy Duty Pies that come with the responsibilities of his positions within the hierarchy of the company as well.

He has the power to just up and leave and any company would move Heaven and Earth to acquire him and he knows it.

Jim Lee’s got a great gig at DC and he loves it tremendously, so why overturn the applecart?

SN: I want a movie of The Authority too. Lee has nothing to do with the property from a creative standpoint, but I’d love to see him get an Executive Producer credit as well as be mentioned in the Special Thanks category at the very end of the end credits.


Finger/Kane are the originators, but Batman is as much Adams/O’Neil & Burton creations as Finger/Kane.


Dude is probably making bank and has a great gig.

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Love 'im, always will, but he needs to go and needs to take DiDio with him.

It’s time for a change and a fresh start.


@DCComicsCrisis I more or less agree. I can admit I kind of like his art style, despite the flaws and fair criticisms, I don’t think he should have been given, nor should he retain, any authority at DC. Perhaps he should be maintained as a graphic artist (if he can keep on schedule).
Most certainly, get rid of Didio. DC is about nine years overdue for a change in power structure.


Didio isnt that bad honestly


He’s pretty bad Bwana, pretty bad. Take The New Age of Heroes of instance. That was a such a lazy and uninspired attempt at a much needed strategy for new & fresh characters and stories. I can imagine what that pitch meeting was like…

DC Writers/Artists: “We need new blood out there, Danny. We can’t always rely on the ‘Trinity well.’ We need to go new and go new hard! Whaddya think?”

Dan DiDio: “Absolutely, great idea! We can kill off Dick Grayson & Wally West to make room! Heh heh heh. Aw, come on guys I’m just F’n with ya!”

DC Writers/Artists: Stink eyed silence

Dan DiDio: “Ok, ok, ok all BS aside, I’ve been mulling over a few new character ideas myself lately.”

DC Writers/Artists: “cough wow, really, Dan? Ahem, I mean WOW, REALLY?! That’s great, whadd’ya got?”

Dan DiDio: “Ok guys, heres a quick breakdown. Ok picture it, orphaned teenage boy whose a genius and science geek accidentally acquires the ability to open dimensional passageways allowing himself to quickly warp all over the place. At first this is burden to him, but soon he accepts that this a powerful gift that he must use responsibly to help mankind. Anyway, when he’s not out saving the day, our hero, struggles with the everyday problems any teenage boy would face: school, friends, girrrls (heh heh heh). His whole life will be turned all upside down and sideways… HEY! That’s it! I’ll call him “Sideways!” Yeah I’ll really dive into detail on Sideways’ issues, really allowing the reader to connect and relate to him on deeper levels.”

DC Writers/Artisits: “Um, Dan, uh yeah, that’s just Spider-Man with a shitty power.”

Dan DiDio “Yeah, SPIDER-MAN, right! He’s awesome , just like Sideways! HUZAH!”

DC Writers/Artists: “But Dan, thats just blatantly ripping off our Marvels, ya know, our main competitor’s most popular character!”

Dan DiDio" Yeah, Marvel, I hate those guys, they suck. You all go cherry pick their roster and we’ll redo 'em the right way… The DC way… The DiDio way (muhahaha). Ya know, like with future Hollywood Blockbuster, Sideways! HUZAH!"

DC Writers/Artists: “Oh my holy CENSORED. Is he CENSORED serious?! What th’ CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED!!