Should Jessica Cruz get a....Justice League Odyssey Spoilers

So, if Odyssey ends or continues (I hope it continues) do you think Jessica should get a new Green Lantern ring (as hers is broken), or should she keep the Omgea beams and get a new code name? They sometimes call her Lantern in the series, that could work. Personally, I hope she stays a Green Lantern, but I would keep reading her no matter what her powers are. I just want Jessica to stay around for good lol.

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I’d really like her to stay a Green Lantern.

The idea of a woman with severe anxiety joining the seemingly fearless GL Corps is really powerful. I liked how the series with her and Simon acknowledged that it was a constant struggle, not something she’d just “get over.” I think that’s been missing in JL Oddessy, and it’s making her character fall a bit flat for me.

I’d like to see her remain a GL, even if her ring stays broken. If Kyle Rayner can still be a member after all the crazy changes his powers have gone through, so can Jessica, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I agree. I think that’s what makes her shine. And I feel like Odyssey is missing internal dialog, which is why it seems like that series has her with less anxiety. It showed some at the start. Maybe her new powers have kinda minimized it for a bit, since shes come back from the dead. But I hope they bring it back. She hasn’t had much time to think lol.

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I’d be perfectly happy with her as a GL but I think the Omega powers are interesting. On one hand, it may help her get more individualized attention but on the other hand I think it would be constant “is the power corrupting her?” stories and that’s not terribly exciting to me.

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Yeah, I would for sure want them to stay away from stories like that, but those powers do make her stand out more. However, that could be a bad thing too. Since she’ll have less connection to the GL, I could see her fading out with other characters.

I think this Omega Effect is temporary. She’ll go back to being a Green Lantern.


The inner dialogue thing is a good point! Quite a few characters work best when you can see inside their head a bit, and seem lacking without that insight.

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Yeah, after rereading the series, I think that’s what’s missing. Jess doesn’t feel fully like herself because most of the time, in other series, her panic was inside her head or something shared one on one. She’s always has come off as cocky outside of her head though, which is what she sounds like in this series. But I’m sure she’s panicking on the inside. They just don’t have the space for internal dialog, I guess.

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