Should Jason Todd Live or Die?

Should Jason live or die? That is the question. I personally think he should live seeing as he is a big part of season 2 and killing him so early on in the game is weird. Then again since we are so early in the season they might kill him later on during the end. Since that is the most likely outcome if he dies what do you guys think. Should Jason Todd live or die?

At first I wanted him to live so that he could play out his comic book fate with the joker and batman and become red hood. Buuut I’m completely OK with them doing that in titans. Just replace joker with deathstroke and batman with dick Grayson.


Jason Todd is a total bass ass on the show. He keeps the show interesting. Don’t kill him off just yet. His idgaf attitude is so enjoyable to watch.


We want Red Hood!


I don’t.

You want Red Hood. Some others may as well. But, you certainly don’t speak for the speak for the entire community.


If Jason never dies, we will never get a Red Hood & the Outlaws series. I, for one, would LOVE a Red Hood & the Outlaws series! Plus, killing off Jason led to the introduction of my favorite Robin, Tim Drake!