Should Jason Todd die poll

I’ve voted yes, but not for the obvious reason. I’m a purest. Dying and coming back was a huge part of Jason’s story. Also, I feel there was a maturity that came along with it for Jason. Also, it makes it easier to swallow some of his violence. “Well, the guy died.” I’m sure dying was a hard for some fans to watch, but it made his coming back so much more sweeter!


Yes obviously he should die. It sounds horrible but it makes the most sense. Next question

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I voted for him to die because it would be a shame to ignore that iconic part of comic history. I also love his origin as Red Hood

I feel like an idiot but how can I vote?

I voted for him to die simply because I feel like if he didn’t die his story wouldn’t be as good he’ll be just another robin to everyone but with him dying it’s made his story much better and has also made Batman’s and Jokers story much better. It was a tragic death but a important one shows that joker doesn’t want to kill batman but will defo kill his sidekicks to get to him. It had a big effect on the whole bat family and other teams Jason was involved with.

I voted for live and I sincerley do not understand why this question was brought up again. Whatever person he has become doesn’t correct the wrong things we’ve done right. So, if I could correct it, I will.