Should I watch Gotham

So I was thinking of watching the Gotham TV show, especially since they are adding a Bane. I would be starting at season one, and IDK if that whole show would be a waste of time. Can anyone who has watched/ is watching it give me their take on it?


If you’re watching just for Bane I feel you might be somewhat disappointed. Season 1 is really more of a police procedural following Jim Gordon’s early days as a cop as he works his way up through the corruption in the police department and solves weird crimes. The other main character is Oswald Cobblepot basically doing the same thing but on the villain side, working his way up from being a henchman to being a crime boss. As the seasons go on, things get more interwoven and there are many more villains and other characters being added to the mix. Gotham is a wonderfully weird show. I love it, but it’s not a straight prequel or anything. It may start out making you think it’s just going to be an origin story for everyone, but Gotham has many twists and turns. It’s a completely different universe.


My advice for watching Gotham: start at the beginning, keep going until you reach the end, and then stop.

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Sorry. Didn’t mean to post twice.

Its not a terrible show…but it definitely wasn’t worth watching AS the episodes debuted. If you got all 4 seasons at your disposal, it’d be definitely worth binge watching. But not worth waiting week after week for an episode. So yeah… Now’s a good time to watch it.

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I loved it. Imho, it was the best of all if the non-DCU televised shows. I did binge watch each year’s worth and have not yet watched the final season so my opinion us based on seasons 1 -3.

And, what iJest said.

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Bane is only in 2 episodes and Gotham is ending soon once and for all (only two episodes left iirc?) The Bane in Gotham is a bit better imo than the Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, well at least we get a look into the origin and he uses venom. There’s a build-up which was missing in the Nolan film.

Wouldn’t say to watch it for Bane, wouldn’t say to watch it for Gordon or Bruce either. Watch it for Babs evolution, the court of owls and references to them, Joker’s switches, Ivy’s transfornations, to learn just how BA Licius and Alfred both really are and lastly Enigmalpott relationship that forms. There are so many easter eggs and things that I feel people take for granted, as someone who watched it since the beginning, I look back and I can say “Wow, that was all comic book worthy”.

It’s important to remember that Gotham is it’s own canon, it’s far from comic book accurate and really could be an alternate world in some respects.


In the very last episode, it will jump to the future, we’ll get to see fat penguin, a crazier Riddler, Batman, Catwoman (and possibly a teen Barbara at that point?) I am looking forward to this episode.

Catgirl’s story gave me the feels, poor poor Selina.


Yes. Yes. Yes. The show has some of the best performances ever for characters like the Riddler, Penguin, and a young James Gordon. From what you’ve posted on other threads, you seem not to care much for staying true to the comics, and that is probably really good if you’re wanting to watch the show. Oftentimes it doesn’t concern itself with having everything happen exactly as it does in the comics, which I think is the main complaint most people have with Gotham. I love the show though.


I say watch it.

The character’s individual arcs are entertaining even though the overall story can be hit or miss at times. The series takes inspiration from the comics, animated series, Burton films, Nolan films, and Arkham games and mixes it up to form it’s own strange yet unique take on the Batman mythos.

I admit that I lost interest in season 2 after a certain event that I felt was a bad choice by the writers, but started watching again in season 3 around the time the writers fixed that season 2 mistake.

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Yes! Watch it!

It has great interpretations of characters overall and my favorite interpretations of Penguin and Hugo Strange.

I can say I enjoyed Gotham very much , the first 2 seasons are really good, the rest is ehh… not that good. But give it a try , first season was really good , got me hooked

Best DC show ever.

Season one is the only none great season. It’s completely different than seasons 2-5.


Watch it then watch it again. It is awesome so… The end. It makes me want to get a chest tattoo of ol Jimmy Gordon.

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Oh and I heart Donal Logue and he makes a freaking awesome Bullock


One of those shows where I watch an episode and think it was incredibly stupid and awesome at the same time.

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Thanks for all the replies
And it looks like yoyofro has seen me a bit in the forums😂


YES! It is really good! :partying_face:

I watched episode 10 of season 5 cause it had bane.

I LOVED IT. Every part with bane had my adrenaline going (although he messed up Alfred pretty bad)


Haven’t watched season 5 yet. I’m hoping that they add the show onto this service once it’s finished.