Should I Start From The VERY Beginning?

So I am really intrigued by “The Batman Who Laughs” storyline. But it seems it follows the Dark Nights Metal storyline. But as much as I love Batman, most of what I have read is things like The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Haunted Knight, etc.

Should I begin from the very beginning of Batman? There are so many options for such an iconic character, and I have missed TONS over the years, which is why I am so grateful for this service.


Dark Knights Metal is a great intro to TBWL. But some great Batman stories to check out before that are Court of Owls stuff.

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Personally, I’d skip over Metal. It’s bad. As in, not good.

I think you should start at the begining, learn and read some more Batman stories like Year One, The Killing Joke, or The Dark Knight Returns and non-batman stories like The Sandman (he plays a big factor in Metal). Then once you have a bit more knowlege, then try Metal.