Should I Read The Unpopular Comics

I’ve been reading the classic, golden age comics lately and I want to know if I should read all of the other comics after the main one. For example, I was reading something like detective comic #31 and noticed it was around 60 pages, but when I looked closer, I noticed that only 12 of them were batman. I’m trying to read all of the old comics so I can catch up and understand the newer ones. Should I read the random western cowboy comics that make the comics over 60 pages, or should I leave them and come back to it later?


Do you enjoy Western comics? If so, read them.


I would say read what you like and leave what you don’t. I personally feel it’s a mistake to hold yourself to a standard of completion; read for fun!


You don’t need to read everything to understand the modern day stuff. If the series peeks your intrigue, then give it a shot.


There are no pop quizzes, tests or required dissertations. Read for the fun of it!


If you’re in the mood and and if the comic looks interesting to you to read, go for it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you all for the advice. I’m mainly reading the golden age comics because they are fun to read and I like to see how the comics have progressed over time (Green Lanterns suite). What I do want to know tho is when do the western comics stop? Around when does detective comics stop making the comics 60 pages and start only making them about batman? And if they never stop, please let me know.

Detective carried a western back-up (Pow-Wow Smith) until issue #202. Detective as a three-story comic, with Batman as the lead, plus two other character features, lasted until issue #300. It then became a “Batman lead story with one back-up” comic for the most part from that point forward. There are various fluctuations here and there that lasted for about a year or two where it becomes a comic that carried around 4-6 stories a month, but Batman is always still in the lead.

The page count reduces gradually over time, but Detective becomes a 32-page comic with issue #212. But again, it was still a three-story comic at that time, so not entirely about Batman.


Are you interested in it or curious about it? Then sure. Why not?

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