Should I make a Summer of Events reading club (Very very light reading)?

DC Summer of Events is a set of 5 events that occurred during the summer.

What I’m trying to guage is if I made a Summer of Events reading club, how many people would do it.

The max number of comics in a week would be 3 and everything would be new that week. This week we would have started with DC Nation #0 but everything in that issue occurs picture for picture in the events themselves.

Next week would be Justice: No Justice #1 and maybe the new issue of the flash which is labeled Road to Flash War.

Would you guys join me?

If you want more info on the Summer of Events, you can read my explanation of it here:


I’d love to follow you guys into another reading group but there are about 20 of them already and there’s absolutely no way I could keep up with another reading club. As it is I bounce from one club to the other depending on which set of reading looks good for the week. I wish I could keep up but I’m kind of overwhelmed by all the different reading groups that you guys keep creating.

@Rambling I get it. The goal with this one is 1. light reading. and 2. What’s new that week. As such by the end of the summer of events there is only 25 ish comics total over the entire summer.

I’m missing out on 20 reading groups on here? I may need to do more scrolling through the forums. I just know of Book Club, Epic Book Club and the Legion reading book club currently. Am I missing an ongoing one right now?

@Nathan.Payson, if you are talking new on here I would love to participate in a reading club as you describe it. I don’t often read newer materials and this would give me an excuse.

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@princess Yes it would be select New this week titles as they come out.

Justice: No Justice
Flash War
Batman: Best Man into the Wedding
Man of Steel
Suicide Squad Sink Atlantis.

All of these series are entrance points! So it’s a great way to hop in and enjoy what’s coming.

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I would love to do this! I haven’t participated in any if the reading clubs here as of yet, so I don’t exactly know how this would work, but it sounds like it would be a lot of fun!


It would probably just be a here’s two or three comics that came to DCU in the Summer of Events. Then we would discuss them. on a thread.



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