Should I Get the Doom Patrol Poster

Should I get the Doom Patrol season 2 poster and I thought the poster looked okay and I am thinking about getting it since I don’t know when anything else that is physical is coming out. I’m not a super fan of the Doom Patrol so I’m not sure. Please give your honest answers cause so far the mods and people at DC aren’t saying anything about the rewards

I’m going to wait another week or so to See if any other physical rewards become available. Was really bummed that when I had enough points the maniacs t was unavailable as well as the Darksied t :-/

The physical awards are not the best for most users right now. I happen to have a pin collection so I got both pin sets but now I also have nothing to look forward to. I say save them until something comes out that you would want unless you have a pretty large number of points.

PS From an entrepreneurs perspective you could probably make a $100 bucks on eBay if you got the pins and then sold them. You will have a harder time making that amount of profit with a poster.

Really. Why do people want to pay so much for the pins

Because they like em and want more. Plus not many people will sell these DC Universe pins second hand which will allow you to offer a higher price.

Skip to the first minute of this video and watch till about a minute and 35 seconds to see examples of how much people are willing to pay for rare pins.