Should I get Batman Secret Files?

Should I get it? I am limited with the amount of comics I can get. It looks cool, but is it worth getting into?


I just finished reading my copy. I’m not a huge fan of this series. You might like it though.

  1. It is an anthology series with several short stories in each issue. Some were better than others, but none were very good.

  2. Art varies as each story is drawn by a different artist. Some excellent, some rudimentary.

  3. There may be a wrap around story, part in each issue. The first story seemed to have no conclusion, so I guess we’ll see in future issues if it continues.

I doubt if I buy future issues, but you may feel differently if you like anthologies.

Not worth the money at all.

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I’ve only read the first 2
stories but so far I really like it. The 2nd scarecrow story made it worth the price alone, for me.

No,it really wasn’t that good, don’t waste your money

Ok thanks guys.

I dug it. Secret Files one-shots are always fun.

Just finished it and it’s great. Not sure why others are being negative on it. It feels a lot like Legends of the Dark Knight. Self contained, classic Batman stories. Something that’s in pretty short supply these days.

There’s no robot bat suits or Batman trying to save the multiverse. Just nice small Batman tails, which I prefer to the former. Definitely recommend.

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The stories were decent enough but the Secret Files series was a must read for me back in the day because they had not just stories, but character profiles and even “interviews”, Base layouts, etc…

@matchesmalone, I love legends of the dark knight. So I might pick this up

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