Should DCU revive Powerless with a season 2?

I don’t even know if this is possible, or if FOX has the rights or someone else instead to keep DCU from doing this even if they wanted to.

But I finally got a chance to see Powerless and am I the only one who wishes DCU would make a new season, or continuation of some sort of Powerless?

Given the work place setting it would be easy enough to write in new characters to replace whoever they couldn’t get back. Although I do think Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, and Christina Kirk should have every effort made to bring back especially.

It was just such a fun show and DCU seems like the perfect audience for Powerless, especially since given it was here they could arguably have more fun with the references since they wouldn’t have the same demand to also be accessible to “the masses”. Would also think it would be cheaper to produce, at least compared to the other DCU movies. Doubt a season… even if they actually went 22 episodes (although doubt if they actually did a season 2 it would be that long) would require the 58 million or whatever it was Swamp Thing reportedly cost for it’s 10 episode.

Just thought I would throw the question out there, even if it is just in theory and not something DCU would be able to pull off even if the interest was there.


Mr. Nobody lol

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i don’t know. Powerless never really interested me.

I think they should take the same production crew that made Powerless and make Ambush Bug, Legion of Substitute Heroes, Heckler or Inferior Five.
Something similar in tone but new.


No. It wasn’t good

I liked Powerless, but I think it went a bit overboard with comedy. I would have preferred a less humorous take. Gotham PD would be a good series. So would the “super-agent” level of DC comics, Rick Flagg, The Secret Six, The Sea Devils, Rip Hunter, Challengers of the Unknown, all of these would be fun to explore.

Another interesting thing to explore would be the historical setting in the DC Universe. Blackhawks, Sgt. Rock, the Haunted Tank, Easy Company, Enemy Ace, what a line-up of possible stars. Even further back, with Tomahawk and other western stars.

If you want humor, you can do Angel and Ape, Sugar and Spike, or, even, and this I would love, The Inferior Five!

With almost 100 years of content to pull from I’m pretty sure there are some wonderful things that could be done.

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I’m interested in more of Powerless.

Given that it was supposed to be a comedy, I think it hit its comedic mark(s) quite well. Plus, Alan Tudyk is in it. That man needs a Kennedy Center honor toot sweet.


Going to move this from the “Support & Feedback” section over to “TV, Film, and Games” since it seems to be more of a general discussion on the matter, rather than a request/suggestion, but this is a very interesting train of thought, everyone! Thank you for sharing with us :slight_smile:

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I would like them to at least show the original pilot that supposedly sold NBC on the pilot until they ordered the producers to change it. From what I hear network interference killed what was originally considered a good show into a mediocre one. If it does come back by some miracle I hope they bring back Ben Queen the original creator and let him do his vision of it. Let the show fail or succeed on its own without network interference.
Beggly has similar thoughts to mine. With so many characters and so many genres I have been suggesting on other threads they do some sort of history or timeline of the DCU. Especially since this timeline seems to be quite a bit different from the mainstream comics universe. If they want to do it in universe they can always do it as a time travel show.


Powerless is currently running on Tubi, and can be watched for free. I would like to see a DCU Two hour special to Gage interest in the show returning, and to introduce the new cast.




Yes. This series amused me, and I would like to have seen more of it.

I really tried to like it but just couldn’t so it would be a no for me.

I seriously think Powerless is the underdog series. Highly underrated, and I haven’t seen many good reviews for it at all, but I genuinely liked it, and not in a “it’s so bad it’s good” way. I could see it becoming a cult classic or something that gets huge years down the road.

I’d be down with i, I enjoyed it immensely. At least get the rights to bring it here, I’d love to re-watch it.

No thank you. I’ll pretty much stand up for anything DC but I can’t on this.

No thank you. I’ll pretty much stand up for anything DC but I can’t on this.

Maybe watch the first season on Tubi and get the numbers up to show interest. I just re-watched the series and enjoyed it more the 2nd time. Would love to see more episodes…

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I’d love to see DCU bring back this show. The first season was uneven but I think it was starting to hit its stride when it ended. And between Doom Patrol and the Harley Quinn animated show, Alan Tudyk is already a huge part of this service. That said, I’d also be okay with them doing a show with the original premise for Powerless: employees at an insurance company in a world where super hero/villain fights cause so much damage. The Wayne Security angle always felt like a network mandated change.

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