Should DCEU completely start over?

After watching Endgame. I kept asking myself, why can’t DCEU have this epic of a legacy? Should they start over completely? Some say yes and others say no. I want to know what everyone thinks. I have my own idea of how to start a proper DC universe but…


It kinda seems like they are to me.


I think they could easily keep Wonder Woman (since it’s set in WWII and use the upcoming Wonder Woman 84 to solidify in canon), Aquaman & Shazam in DCEU continuity. Announce what they are keeping as canonical sources and just move forward from there.


They are already on that path. Batman is recast and I’m sure Flash and Superman will be recast as well. Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Shazam will keep the same actors and will just incorporate them with the new cast down the road sometime.


WonderWoman, Aquaman, and Shazam all did great at the box off

The problem people had was Zack Snyder Dark Image of the DC Universe. He is no longer with the project.

The Correction they made seem to be working

So no they don’t need reboot their universe

Starting over would be a mistake


Agreed, the current trend in their movies shows a bright future. A few more origin stories and add some post credit hints that lead to a future JLA movie would be a nice touch.

I was calling for a reboot after Justice League, but Aquaman, Shazam and the upcoming projects have me rethinking this. They seem to be going with a, “Screw continuity!” mentality. If they have a project they think will work, they green light it, and that’s…intriguing. I’m curious if mainstream audiences will buy it, but hardcore fans are used to it in comics. Retcons and alternate universes are the norm. It would be great to see the Justice League come together all Avengers style, and it may take a while to get there if ever with this approach, but it does allow people to tell their own stories without worrying about tying into everything else going on. Takes on the characters that might be interesting but would break the universe in the mainstream universe can now be told.

I want to see where this goes.

If it doesn’t work, then I think you have to Flashpoint the entire thing and keep what is working. The current universe is trashed by Batman V. Superman.

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No. I think its best decision would be to just keep moving forward like they have been.


I want them to bring back Affleck and Cavill, they were my favorite characters in JL. If they replace those two, they just screwed up 2/3s of the trinity, and people will not be ok with that. People seem to forget this. Pattinson is not a recast or reboot of Affleck. Affleck just isn’t doing that movie. Also, Henry Cavill is what got me into these movies, if they remove him I would be seriously upset. He was my first live-action hero movie, I liked what Cavill did. I had no issues with the way he was portrayed in MoS. I have issues with BvS, and bits of the JL movie. But he was awesome. DC doesn’t need a reboot. They just need to get away from those bad story lines. DC is going in the right direction, and leaving Batman and Superman out of it is the worst idea I have ever heard.



Out of curiosity how only are you if Cavill was your first live-action hero movie? The Marvel movies and a bunch of other movies were already everywhere before Man of Steel came out. Kind of weird for that to be your first unless you are eleven-years-old. Not mocking just curious how that came to be your first.

For my sake, I would like to see both Cavill and Afleck replaced. I think Cavill did fine with his material and Afleck did okay with his material in BVS. Think he kind of phoned it in with Justice League. The problem isn’t the actors the problem is that vision of the actors is ruined for me because I hated what they did with them in BVS. It would be hard to see them in the role without thinking of their past actions. They can retcon the bad parts of the universe if they recast. Or they can just straight up ignore it and I can more easily ignore those past mistakes.

I did really like Cavill. I think he could have done great with good material.

Does the DCEU even exist anymore? After Justice League didn’t perform as expected, the WB Pictures CEO said that a shared universe was no longer the priority and the focus would now be on individual stories. But now that CEO is out so are single stories still the plan or is there going to be another attempt to tie movies together?

Right now it seems like they are keeping what worked (Wonder Woman, Aquaman) and getting rid of what didn’t work (Affleck, Snyder’s grim dystopian aesthetic). Superman seems to be in limbo, but I think they should keep Cavill and do a proper Superman movie where the color hasn’t been drained from the world.

I think Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam will and should get trilogies. These three properties are going to be hard to reboot. They’re not Spider-man/Batman/Superman where you can just reboot them a million times. They have something good and they need to stick with it.

The lack of Batman and Superman actors or possible recasts is very problematic. Same with the pretty lame versions of Lex/Joker. Those are four very pivitol figures you need to get right and keep around. Recasting is possible but jarring. I’d like to see Cavil back, but Affleck definitely seems gone and they’re going with a younger version. We don’t know if the new Batman is set in the DCEU. The new Joker isn’t. They may just keep at standalones.

No. In fact I want them to double down and bring back Zack for MOS2. MOS1 is the best cbm of all time in my opinion.


Snyder ain’t coming back, at least not to direct any big DC characters. If he wants to continue with his edgy ideas, give him the Lobo. But that’s it.

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Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Hell no.

Seriously, regardless of how some of the movies have been received, at this point, there have been far more hits than misses. There are fans, casual and comic book purists alike, who have loved the likes of Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Margot Robie’s Harley Quinn, Zackeri Levi’s Shazam, and so much more. They just need to focus on making good, strong movies on their own and then they can start playing around with team-ups and the like – just like what Marvel did with their initial movies. If anything, rebooting it now would probably drain any goodwill the audience has with DC instead.

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Yes and no. I think that they should keep everything great about it, like gal gadot, Jason momoa, jesse eisenberg…( the last one was a joke lol) and get rid of the things wrong with it, aka every other character. Except Shazam of course

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I think they should cut out flash, superman, and batman give them new starts. Keep alot of the other people though and when you have new more independent films from the HOTMESS of justice league keep rolling with that and maybe step away from the big names. If DC branched off from the platform of grabbing big superhero names and then putting big names behind them and started building off lesser known characters they could have a way better run. Plus theres alot of weight and expectations behind the big heros so giving them a break could give everyone some breathing room.