Should DC Worlds make a sequel to Man Of Steel or Supergirl🎬📽

If you had to choose which film do you prefer?:zombie:‍♂

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Definitleyshould be a Man of Steel Sequel but in the vein of Snyder/ Rian Johnson/ Grant Morrison with the Majesty of Alex Ross’ Kindom come. I have no connection with Supergirl ( and I am trying very hard with the TV show) and will continue to feel that way until I get an absolute Solo solid footing on her cousin Superman in the DCEU.

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Big blue definitely needs a sequel, Henry Cavill is the perfect Superman.


Both :slight_smile:
But definitely Supergirl.
Superman is way overrepresented on the big screen, only surpassed by Batman.
It looks kind of bad that there are so many more Superman movies than Supergirl movies given that Superman only has a few more years to his name.
Comics still has a terrible representation problem decades after the rest of the world began taking steps to improve on that.
Today is as good as any to change.

I say another man of steel movie their is more Superman stories to tell

Eventually both, but for now Man of Steel 2. Develop a great story and vision for it, Henry Cavill is great and can deliver, just needs well done material. We just saw this week that Superman is still in people’s minds, they just need to give people a reason to be interested in the films again.

Man of Tomorrow Movie!

No for Supergirl. Her character just isn’t interesting enough to warrant a new film nor trilogy. As for Man of Steel, I wouldn’t want to see a sequel without Zack Snyder.

“Her character just isn’t interesting enough to warrant a new film nor trilogy.”
As someone who loves and follows them both, this is a statement I don’t really see where it comes from. I am actually of the exact opposite opinion.
Supergirl got the more interesting background in that she lived a part of her life on Krypton. She has memories and history there, and brings a whole alien culture with her. She truly lost her whole world, much more so than possibly any other character in the DC universe, and that as just a young child. This in turn led to a character who has had to struggle with that emotional baggage. She is the one who has had to cope with moving on, fitting in. She is the one who always have the harder time choosing between her loyalty to her new world and her old.
What in your opinion makes Superman the more interesting one?

Both. And goid thing is both WILL be made. I hope Henry has a part in Supergirl.

Obviously MOS2.
Making a Supergirl movie is ridiculous considering the DCEU is not in a good spot.
Making an awesome Superman movie is exactly what the DCEU needs but sadly WB has no idea what they’re doing.
Almost EVERYONE is asking for MOS2 and yet, nothing is happening with it :anguished::anguished:


Man of Steel 2! Maybe with a Supergirl cameo at the end. Then they can do a Supergirl solo movie.


MOS 2 should be first with brainiac as the big bad, and you could introduce supergirl to set up her movies in the future. More Henry Cavill please!


MOS 2, we have been asking for it for ages!!!

Man of Steel 2 aka SUPERMAN! Henry Cavill is amazing actor and has enveloped the role to be his own. His dog is named Kal for crying out loud. DC Fans love him as Superman and even Marvel fans think he makes a great Superman. The DC movies need to focus on the trinity. Once they have good movies of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman then they can focus on other characters. They need to suck up their pride, renegotiate with the man that the fans and everyone else are loving (Henry Cavill), and just make a good Superman movie that’s full of hope. Not a dark Superman, but a Superman that everyone wants to inspire to be…

in short, YES!

Oh i guess i didn’t answer the question…lol…MoS 2 all the way

Adding a third option let’s make a steal movie have cavils superman leave earth after stephanwolfs invasion to look for more alien threats and have steal take his place we need some John Henry Iorns

MOS 2, all the way… w/Henry Cavill as Supes & Brainiac as the villain please.

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MoS 2, please. Let me specific though, I want a full on sequel to the first Man of Steel. I DO NOT want a MoS 2 starring the Justice League version of Cavill’s Supes. Superman was a completely unrelateble super-cliche in that movie. Yes, he was “hopeful” and “optimistic”…he was also completely non-intriguing and boring af. It had more in common with a Superfriends cartoon than a DC comic book. Superman should not be boxed in to mediocrity because of a movie that came out 40 years into the franchise around 40 years ago. Superman has been cinematically arrested to the detriment of story and character development.

 That's also not how writing works. You choose a story that utilizes a characters weaknesses, then a tone that accentuates that story. You do not choose a tone because it's the tone expected, then try to contrive a story that utilizes Superman to project that emotion. Superman has a myriad of emotions and story tones to explore, why should a character this dynamic be treated with this "goldy-locks" standard of criticism? Go read "for the man who has everything" and tell me how that story inspires hope. Read or watch death of Superman, is it a hopeful and optimistic tale? Stop making Superman exclusive to the Christopher Reeve movies. It was a film made for an audience that looks down on comic books.