Should DC wake up and realize they need their fans.

DC has started the DCU which has a few things I think we all like: Young Justice: Outsiders, access to most of the old material, and access to the comics. The problem comes as they try to make it exclusive and as they provide sub-par products. The writing for the live action series Titans is terrible. The effects, meh at best. And this is one of the reasons I’m supposed to pay almost $80 per year to NOT OWN Young Justice. Also, I’ve been to Amazon lately - sparked by my interest in Young Justice and wanting to watch some of the old stuff- I can’t purchase it right now, DC is holding onto everything. So I have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to NOT OWN a movie. Not a good value. Please stop this.


I agree that any business needs consumers in order to stay functional. But, the question is not if a business needs consumers, but how the business treats its consumers.

If people are asking questions on here about problems they have noticed with the app (I.e. DC Spotlight: Aquaman), and it doesn’t matter if the question is directed towards Moderators, Support Center, Developers, etc., the question becomes an “elephant in the room”, then what does that say about the service?

Did they make a mistake and think by ignoring it, the problem will go away? Or what about when questions are answered by the person asking, is there finally someone else who can provide practically the same answer?

Maybe, my recent dislike towards receiving help in the community is misguided, but instead of letting people (like me) become upset by the ignorance of inquiries, why not let fans know that they have value and be honest with their questions?

I’m going to add my comments to yours. With the exception of a few animated movies I purchased everything DC related on Amazon is now “UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME”. Then I come over here knowing its not available on Amazon because DCU wants it to only be available on their service and … IT isn’t available here either. Hey we are TWO … (count em 2 ) days away from Reign of the Supermen being available digitally and on Blu-ray… AVAILABLE WHERE? I own Death of Superman on Amazon and part 2 only seems available on DVD there. It also, along with any other DC film is not available to buy here?

Is the server so small they can’t offer up all the movies they are refusing to let anyone else sell or rent? And I’m sorry but before this service existed didn’t DC get a cut or at least a sizable payout from places like Amazon and Verizon to let people buy/rent those films there?

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I’m quite confident DC has always been awake and realized the importance of their fans.


There’s 2 echo chambers going on…
“Why isn’t every possible thing on here? We should get everything DC has ever created and ever will create for $8/month. Why isn’t Reign os Superman here even though DC has said from the beginning it would be available the same day of the dvd/bluray release, which isn’t for 2 more days?!”

“Licensing fees from productions that were already under contract with other distribution services before this app was live.”

Listen, by no means do I think this service is perfect. But I see a lot of improvement having already happened, and coming in the future. If your interest in this app is only streaming, and not comics, please come back in a year or so. Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, and more will be available by then and you can binge watch them all to your heart’s desire at that time. Until then, tou’ll be waiting. In addition to that, we can only hope they add more of their older content in the meanwhile.

Interesting to hear that a bunch of DC stuff is no longer available on Smazon for some reason? I wonder if that means there’s a possibility that the license agreement has expired and that content may become available somewhere else (maybe even here)?

In all due time, this service will become great, I can see it in the future from here. Patience.

If you feel like you got duped into signing up, you didn’t do enough research. I knew signing up that the streaming library and comic selection both had limitations, and it wasn’t very hard to figure out with the internet before hand. That’s not DC’s fault.


Covering everything up and excusing it under reasons of “licensing” is false. Was DC Spotlight: Aquaman licensed somewhere else, despite it being a DC Universe Exclusive? Will other “exclusive” content like Young Justice or Doom Patrol be removed when they want to?

I know the service has the potential to be good, but if we ignore the faults or try to make the service better than it currently is, we, the subscribers, will end up paying the price for it.
We should have our answers questions, bugs fixed, appropriate content available. Otherwise, what are we paying for?
If comics are disappearing on some servers and content is unavailable unless going on the website, not including asking questions to get the problem resolved, only to have to answer them yourself, then don’t pretend the service is great because those faults listed above are all necessary for a functioning service.
I hope there is a reason for this to have happened, but no one is willing to provide an explanation for fans. Or at least, not yet.

Questions answered not reversed.

Another day, another person whining about paying $8 for frankly more content than anyone one person has time to consume. Seriously, I’ve heard less crying in a nursery.


Is this post a joke?


I am hardly going to say “they took down a 30 minute documentary… what con-men, this service will never recover!” But as far as the Aquaman thing… I really wonder what the hell happened there. I mean until then they gave SOME warning, even if not much something was coming down, and if asked get some kind of answer. I may have missed it but not even sure if any of the mods confirmed at the time it was taken down when the questions first arose (although again. might have missed that). And usually there is some kind of answer when so many people mention it, even if it is basically “not at liberty to/can’t say”.

I am not trying to say there is some sinister reason, but unlike most they have ignored that whenever brought up. I know the mods can’t always say and don’t always know but usually they would say something. basically radio science. Over a DCU 30 minute documentary that was up with no fanfare and was gone almost in record time.

I would love to know what happened because clearly something went wrong there and they are intentionally not addressing it. But why? it’s a 30 minute documentary? Was someone interviewed not compensated and threatened to sue or something? It’s just weird.

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I’m also tired of hearing people complain about the HUGE price that we pay. $80 spread across a year simply isn’t a big deal. But the biggest problem about the money complaints is that they distract from the real, underlying problems.

Regardless of the monthly fee, there’s simply not an overwhelming wealth of content. Now personally, I don’t have the free time to watch everything on here. So I haven’t complained about the video content.

But I do have plenty of time (in between meetings, as I’m falling asleep, sitting on the toilet, you get the idea) to read comics. And so, I’ve complained about that.

In reality, the convenience of not having to go to the comic shop, wade through the long boxes, and pay for individual issues is totally worth the monthly fee… if they have enough content that I’m interested in.

I’m not really that interested in comics from the last couple decades. The art quality is top notch; but the writing’s simply so-so. Everyone’s writing towards the trade paperback. No one seems interested in long term character development.

Well, I think that’s enough for a rant :grin:

I wish they had more older stuff myself. But to be fair they had more originally and while I won’t argue that was not the best selection of said eras we could have gotten, all most people complained about was not getting more newer stuff. And given what was taken off presumably a lot of the older stuff was not being read. So given they for better or worse clearly have a limited amount of space can’t hate them for putting up what gets the most eyeballs. As long as they seem to have to keep it around 3000 comics I can see that they can’t afford to load up on long runs of stuff no one will read. Wish they would have a bit more from the 70
s and 80’s (and the 90’s but after the first half of the 90’s quality really went downhill on a lot of books honestly. I love JLA… LOVE Justice League. But the post Keith Giffen era before it became JLA… some of that stuff was practically unreadable).

Giffen’s the man, no doubt about it!

The problem with playing to the masses (only providing the content that gets the most eyeballs) is that we’ll never see any of the old war comics (Kubert); we won’t see Camelot 3000; we won’t see the Charlton heroes, or Fawcett comics. Jonah Hex in space? Guy Gardner Warrior? Ambush Bug specials? Aquaman one-shots? The 30 years of LoSH? Horror comics? Team Titans? Viking Prince, Enemy Ace, and on and on…

This will simply be the Batman/Superman platform (with special guest star, Wonder Woman).

Hard drives are cheap. I mean, seriously cheap. Space is not an issue. I have several guesses at why they’re slow rolling the comic content, but server space isn’t one of them.

And I’d love it if they’d simply tell us what the overall plan is for the platform. Are they going to expose around 3000 comics in the library to represent the 80+ years? That seems pathetic to me.


See, I’m a filthy millennial, so I appreciate the newer stuff more, lol. I tried reading the earliest Batman issues when they were available and I just couldn’t do it. The Batman I know is nothing like that Batman any longer. Same with Supes’. The newer stuff speaks to me more than the older one.

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Golden Age comics I will be honest… are not easy to read now. I mean I can appreciate them for what they are and what they represent… but with all respect to anyone who prefers them they do not hold up well at all. Silver Age has a quant charm at times but really isn’t better either, Yeah I like reading them in the mood but won’t lie prior to 1985 most stuff foesn’t hold up (Yeah Teen Titans is awesome and holds up amazingly well… but it is one of the exceptions not the rule. Hard to believe that came out the same time Superman and Batman were giving us what they did).

As for space… I am not trying to speculate the reason for the 3000 comics, and I hope in time it does get bigger. But it seems clear at the moment the people providing the content for it are under orders to keep it to that limit. Why is for another discussion, much less if it should be that way, but clearly they are so I can’t really dispute them favoring the more recent and mainstream stuff… especially since frankly whether a good decision or not they had a lot more niche stuff when they started and people complained and it apparently didn’t do well. As long as the comic limit is apparently what it is, from a business standpoint they are making the best call.

What I wish they would do if it is going to continue to be 3000ish comics rotating, is set aside say a couple hundred for some of the 70’s and 80’s stuff at any given time and try to put some stuff like what you mentioned (hell even just 50-100 would be ok if not ideal to me), or even just some less popular mainstream characters stories. you never know, they might stumble into something that clicks with the DCU fans doing that and open new doors on what they can offer that will be a hit.

I do hope the announcement to clarify how the comics section will work going forward is still going to happen at the end of the month. I get we won’t know everything that goes on behind closed doors, but I think even some clarification might be enough for some subscribers.

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How old is this app, guys?

Give them time.