Should DC movies start over and follow the MCU formula?

i think they should because they rushed the characters

Follow the MCU formula? But we’d have to get through 20+ movies starring men before they finally give Wonder Woman a movie. No thanks.




I like the MCU but no. People have to remember some of the best franchises in the world prior to the MCU had 3,4,5 movies. Occasionally 7. Now people think anything not with numbers as high as the MCU’s means the characters aren’t well developed. You can tell a story in as little as 5,6 movies.

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The only things DC should take away from seeing Marvel’s success are:

  1. A sense of humor is not a bad thing in moderation. It makes characters feel more well rounded.
  2. Have a little faith in the non-Trinity. I, for one, am glad to see them finally break free of the Batman/Superman/Batman/Superman/Batman… cycle.

I think they should do something similar to the MCU. Maybe with slightly less movies though

Please no. I like the Marvel movies; I really do. But if I want Marvel, I’ll just watch Marvel. In my opinion DC should just continue making good movies. A successful live action Superman needs to happen, whether on TV or the big screen. Kind of a shame to have successful franchises for Wonder Woman and Batman (I’m assuming the Matt Reeves flick will be a hit, given his popularity with the critics), but not Superman. To me, it’s like the elephant in the room that DC doesn’t want to address.

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No. I prefer films to be more self contained. If you need 20 films to tell a story, make a TV show instead.


No but I think if anything they should take away from Marvel is a long term plan so the fans can get behind the movies and see them interact with each other

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I don’t see the value in copying marvel exactly. I think you can string a loose continuity but in a different more self contained way highlighting the differences between the universes. Specifically i feel that DC will be missing a huge opportunity if they let Eternals beat New Gods to theatres and Nova Corp beating Green Lantern. Best to use your top characters that are not easily analogous in Marvel and your characters that Marvel copied.

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Please no. I dislike comic reboots. Film reboots sounds like a similar headache. Especially for those who don’t watch films regularly

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The MCU was really good at balancing the overarching plot and the plots of the individual movies. If the DCEU was to reboot, which I believe it should, I think that the main thing it should take from the MCU is that balance.

No. Do DC.


:point_up_2: “Do DC”…love it!

I think DC should explore their own style of movies. Different styles of comics and different styles of movies from different companies makes sense to me lol. It may take them longer to find their footing, but I think that having a diverse range of comic book movie formulas will help combat The Superhero Movie Fatigue
Of course, feeling like things were rushed is definitely valid, and it’s always fun to think about the what ifs of movie studios-from casting to directing styles.

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I think the problem is trying to escape the formula and make some of their own stuff. I think they tried to rush it and ended up flopping with Justice League. Shazam was wonderfully creative. So was WW. I haven’t seen Aquaman, but I also hear that that one was great too.

Too late for that.

Plus they should walk before they run: just make a good movie first before trying anything.