Should DC Initiate A Project With Amazon?

Walmart has their 100 Page Giant line, and Target had the Primal Age 100 Page Giant comic. Both have done very well, so this begs the question: what about Amazon?

As the world’s largest retailer, DC knows the reach Amazon has and would be silly to not pursue some kind of partnership with them that is centered around an exclusive product.

What should that project be? Exclusive original graphic novels? A line of brand new comics? A mixture of the two?

What do you think would be a good product for DC to create for Amazon?


-An exclusive comic you can buy separately or comes free with orders of DC Merch
-Giant size comic Legion of Superheroes


I like both of those, especially the Legion Giant.


Considering Amazon is the parent company of comiXology, you could say that DC has ALREADY had Amazon exclusive comics, all throughout the 2010s. All of their Digital First titles were available through the comiXology marketplace.


It would have to be something Wonder Woman-related.


@HCQ That’s true in a sense.

Since Vertigo titles are now under the Black Label line, I could go for a line of Amazon exclusive Black Label Giant books.

It’s different enough to not step on Walmart and Target’s toes while adhering to a successful formula.

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Hmm. Maybe take some of the ideas from the now-defunct Imprints like DCZoom or DCInk and carve out a niche for Amazon? Something unique, with wide-spread appeal.

Also, @BatJamags: I see what you did there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We all saw what BatJamags did, and it was quite wonderful to reference the Amazing Amazon. rimshot

Thank you! Try the veal!

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My own selfish interest calls for something WildStorm related. Offer the new Wildstorm on a deep discount on comixology, let Amazon handle the marketing and if anything takes off let them develop it. Make a tv show or feature and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out it is all on Amazon.

A crossover would be nice with a Comixology Original but I don’t know how those titles works (ownership of the content)

I like the idea of wildstorm content, but I like new gods and monsters content even more…