should dc have a spy hero? if you want give more info

DC has many hero’s should there be more spys and should these spys get powers and how did they get them

Those kinds of books are fun. There are several spy organizations in the DCU that have featured in their own titles. For example:

-Checkmate (at least two series)
-Forever Evil: Argus

There’s other groups and individuals that have (Jack Cross) and haven’t (the D.E.O.) starred in their own titles. A new spy title is always welcome. It’s a nice change from the super heroics and shows there’s more to the DCU than the bread and butter titles.


Dick Grayson has been a spy and basically had his own spy series but yeah, Vroom has mentioned others


Smacks forehead “SPYral, now I get it!” Lol

Cripes, how could I forget Grayson? Thanks for mentioning that one =)


Spy Smasher is one of my faves also Steve Trevor is a spy

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Birds of prey pretty spy’ish too

Alfred Pennyworth retired spy

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Oh thought of 1 more then I’m done brain hurts Domino. Villain and Nazi but she’s a spy.

Dominos under Blackhawk tho I didn’t see vroom already had that one