should CW shows be on this app?

About 2 months after the streaming app was being brought up in online news articles me and my friend (unnamed) we’re theorizing what would be on the app

Would there be the old animated movies and TV shows from the 90’s like BTAS or JLU ? The thing me and him hoped more than anything was for there to be the live action CW shows like the

:zap: Flash :zap:
Arrow :bow_and_arrow:
LOT :watch::milky_way::rocket:
Black lighting :man:t6:‍🦲
Constantine :tophat::mage:‍♂
And super girl :superhero:

(Maybe even small vile for fun)

But something I always wanted to check out was the show Krypton and hoped it’d be on the streaming app, it isn’t sadly :pensive:

I’m here wondering if anyone else were thinking the same thing before the app came out and like what should be on this app in the future for show wise.

Should we try to get some BTAS movies like subzero or shows like the new adventures of Batman and Robin! (They should like SERIOUSLY be on this app >:v)

Plz message and reply and I’ll respond when I figure out how to ^^ and comment what kind of shows should be on the streaming service that would be new like a ‘suicide squad’ show :star_struck: I’d love to see a version of that

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Before this app came out I was under the assumption that it was going to have every DC show and movie ever shown. This app is great but it needs a lot more content.


Krypton season 1 is coming in 2019. The CW shows all are part of a contract with Netflix so don’t count on them coming anytime soon unfortunately.

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They’re all tied up right now in deals with other services, like Netflix. Warners will bring them here eventually, I presume. But not anytime soon.

Once the Netflix contracts run out you’ll see the other shows. Krypton will be coming in 2019 though.

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Y not add next day streaming on here or after the 5 days on the cw free app it moves on to DC universe

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The CW shows are all going to stay on the Netflix at least for a few more years. Not sure if it’s really financially beneficial for them to be here. Yeah this service needs more content, but it’s not like they’re not accessible. I mean most here should have Netflix already. Plus, it’s outside money (Netflix) that helps keep those shows on the air.

Awe, that is a bummer. BUT Constantine is on here I believe and I am also excited for Krypton.

Well in theory they “should” but as others pointed out the streaming rights are tied up with other services so DC can’t put them on here right now even if they wanted to.