Should Constantine be on Legends

Let me start by saying that I love Constantine ( I hate horror, but I loved the TV series!). I also love Legends. But I think combining the two is a mistake.

Example in episode one, when Sara tries to recruit John, she interrupts what appears to be three=way between John and… whatever. No problem yet. John appears in a sheet. Again no problem. But he’s wearing his tie. There’s my problem. It was a joke that didn’t fit the character.

The Hellblazer fits the dark recesses of the DCU and the Legends fit into a far lighter quirky section of that universe. I don’t think they mix very well. I want more Constantine, but I want him in his own show, preferably her on DC Universe, where they can get into the nasties that he normally encounters, without network broadcast standards getting in the way.

What do you all think?


OK, I sited example one, but left out example 2.
Example 2: FAIRY Effin’ GODMOTHERS!

I would love for him to have his own show on DC Universe, but that version of Constantine is just so deep in the Arrowverse now that I can’t see him on here. He does seem like too much of a main character surrounded by D-listers. It’s strange that someone with his vast powers would need the Legends to help him. I’d like to see a different version of him introduced in the Swamp Thing streaming show coming to DC Universe next year. Then we could have a Constantine that “goes there”.


At this point we’re at episode 3 of this season of Legends. I love Constantine and I love LOT, but I’m not YET convinced that they mesh well together. At this point in the season I feel like Constantine is being watered down. But, it’s still too early for me to make a final opinion. Either way, I’m still happily watching every week.

I hope Constantine gets his own show though, here, on DCU.

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No. He should be here in a Hellblazer series…

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I don’t know…Constantine usually works well solo or as a member of JLD. Putting him on a team as camp-centric as Legends doesn’t really fit.

He needs all the space he can get with his own show again :heart_eyes:

I agree, give him back his own show and get him away from Legends A.S.A.P.

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I feel he should just get his Ken show back and continue where they left off not quite fair that DC is OK with leaving a cliff hanger like they did.

What better place for JC to get his show back than the DCU?! Make it happen, guys! #GiveJohnHisOwnSeries

Just watched Episode 4, now I’m totally cool with Constantine being on LOT. The interaction between him and Ray was a delight to watch, and with Nora coming on to the scene it’s only going to get better (crazier).

I agree he needs his own show on DCU, but having him on one season of LOT will be fun.


He is doing great on Legends. Those of you who don’t want him on Legends are out of your minds. The ratings are up too.

He is doing great on Legends. Those of you who don’t want him on Legends are out of your minds. The ratings are up too.

I love him on the show! Legends is very campy (which is why its my favorite) but Constantine adds a bit of edginess that I think was needed.
In the comics, he annoys me a little but I think he’s fun on Legends!

Nope. He’s too good for that mess of a show. I wish they had some better writing on the Constantine series, maybe it would have made it past 1 season.

I am a fan. I like the show and him.