Should Batman the Animated Series Come Back?

Do you think Batman the Animated Series should come back with newer episodes now that we have DC Universe? Batman the Animated Series is one of my favorite shows of all time and I would love to see them revisit that world with newer episodes. DC Universe brought back Young Justice so I don’t see why they can’t bring back other beloved shows like BTAS as well.


Nope. BTAS is done and has been since 1995 (the movies connected to it and TNBA are a different matter).

A new Batman show isn’t out of the question though. Centering on the last fifteen years or so worth of stories. Maybe a slightly more adult show (can’t be too adult, got to sell toys to the kids :slight_smile: ).


I’d personally prefer a new animated series that takes inspiration from the dark tone and story telling of TAS.

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Odss of catching lightning in a bottle twice is slim so No.

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Yes, but only if they can recreate the old art style.

No. It’s a classic and should be left alone.

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I don’t think so, no. It had its time, and I’d rather either see new shows or return to ones which were never fully realized.


While I love Batman the Animated Series I don’t want to see it being back. I might not mind a new show set in the DCAU depending on what it is. I would much rather see a new Superman , Wonder Woman, Nightwing (solo in Bludhaven) or maybe even something like a Green Lantern show starring Jessica Cruz. I say Jessica Cruz because I’m very new to the character and she seem interesting. Also it nothing we’ve seen before outside of her being in the Justice League vs The Fatal Five.

Omg…done right with all my :heart: and soul…yes yes yes.

Can’t wait for my girl Harley Quinn!

yes bring it back