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So I was comparing prices of items in the shop to other online stores and I feel no reason to buy anything here. I wanted to pre order artist alley nightwing but it is $50+ shipping and $40+ free shipping and $32+shipping on other toy stores. I feel with the prime membership it would be better for us to get figures cheaper here. It will probably get collectors to join just for the discount.


$50 here $40 on Amazon

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Yeah, I noticed that too. I hate to say it, but I rarely shopped on any of the DC sites for that reason. I’m a huge action figure collector, and as such I need to shop around for the cheapest prices and often that means Amazon and Walmart! It’s almost as bad as the “Gamestop Tax” you pay there!

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Same here. I usually get it from Amazon or out in the wild. I was hoping for some sorta discount because it would nice just to get stuff from the shop here.

$25 dollars for a shirt. I really want a shirt that says “I spent $100 on the DC Universe and all I got was this stupid shirt”


The shop prices are basically WB Shop prices. In no way shape or form were they ever promising discounts…maybe during the Holidays if that. It’s just your typical studio sanctioned swag store selling at MSRP.

I know and I wasn’t really expecting a discount. I made this post with hopes of maybe them seeing how discounts in the shop could help persuade people into getting a membership.

Considering we paid to get in the door, I am surprised by how much they are fleecing us. Those Justice League figures based on the animated series feel like $5 - $10 toys, not $28.

When I walk in to the Apple store, I like to play a game where I guess how much something might cost, then double that number and see how close I am (I am almost always under). … but I don’t have to pay to get in to the Apple store.

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Those are def not $5-10 figures. Similar figures are around 25ish…

That they have a shop with exclusive merch at all is an option. and I agree discounts could be beneficial to them in the way you describe, but this service isn’t really for that…