Shining the Spotlight On the Stars of DC Pride!

The DC Universe is celebrating Pride Month for all thirty days of June, and hopefully by now you’ve gotten a copy of our landmark DC Pride special into your hot little hands. For the uninitiated, this special is a collection of unabashedly queer stories starring LGBTQIA+ characters from across the DC Universe, all by a host of queer talent using these characters to tell stories of love, identity and representation for marginalized people who deserve to be seen and celebrated.

In picking up DC Pride, you might be catching up with some of your favorite queer DC
heroes—or maybe you’re getting to know some of them for the first time. Either way, once
you’re finished, we’re sure you’ll like to explore a favorite featured character or two, especially in a queer context. Let this article be your guide, then, as a brief introduction to the stars of DC Pride and where to find their further adventures of romance and self-discovery.

To find out where you can find more of your favorite LGBTQIA+ characters from DC Pride, head over to DC Comics!

Do you have a favorite character from the DC Pride Anthology? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:


Bunker, Traci, and Sir Ystin are my favorites going in to the collection.

Councilwoman Valeria Johnson is my favorite new-to-this-book character. Definitely hope we see more of her to follow up that teaser length intro.


I loved Valeria Johnson myself too! As a big fan of the dynamic between Mayor Myra Fermin and the original Question, I see some very interesting parity here between her and Renee.


An easy answer but Harley Quinn and Poision Ivy would by my favorites from it.

Although while he was only in the JLQ story I have always had a soft spot for Tasmanian Devil having read his appearances in the early Global Guardians stories in the 80’s from Superfriends and their DC Comics Presents team-up story, plus his time as a member of the Justice League. He was not on during their better years, and from what I remember didn’t do much. But hey being a member of the JLA is a plus for me.


Can I just say all of them?

But I haven’t had a chance to read much of Future State yet so I really liked the Jess Chambers story. It was nice to see Bunker again too!


Ok I know its not a story, but the Constantine pinup is amazing!!! considering buying a second copy so i can rip it out and put it on my wall…

And I loved all the stories, but I think my favourite was the Batwoman one (and I say that as the worlds biggest midnighter stan)


This is a hard one…LOVE Poison Ivy but I also love Batwoman…there are so many good characters


I enjoyed Green Lantern and Obsidian the most in this anthology.

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