Shazam Will Bury Hellboy.

Saw Hellboy tonight and it was bad. I was really pulling for that movie and it’s visually cool, but the story was horrible. I thought it would give Shazam a run for its money, but now I know Shazam will stay #1 at the box office. Great job for everyone involved. :+1:


Hellboy’s Rotten Tomato score sitting at 11-12%.

Meanwhile, Shazam’s Rotten Tomato score is at 91%.

It’s not hard to spot which movie is unarguably better.


I’m actually surprised Hellboy’s as low-rated as it is. I wasn’t expecting it to be a masterpiece or anything, but getting rated that low? That’s like The Room levels of bad. Gotti levels of bad. Gigli levels of bad. Is it really that bad?

I still want to watch it myself just to see if it’s really that bad. A little morbid curiosity doesn’t hurt sometimes, does it?

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I have tickets-- and now I’m thinking it’s not that urgent-- I suppose I could see Shazam! again, instead…

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Don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes.


You forgot to pound on the table with your shoe.

Hops back in the History Nerdmobile and drives off

I don’t trust Rotten tomatoes. They though Sharknado was certified fresh for God’s sake. Not to mention they love everything Disney makes. No, Hellboy is bad because the story was trash, the main villain was weak, and they replaced them with mindless gore . The only good things about the movie are Hellboy’s look and the action, but everything else sucks.


I had a bad feeling about this movie after the first trailer. Sad to see this happen, because the source material is so good, enough there to make it’s own cinematic universe.

True, but there’s no desire from some companies to follow the material. They rather follow what they believe will make money and that’s how things get messed up.

True, but there’s no desire from some companies to follow the material. They rather follow what they believe will make money and that’s how things get messed up.

I thought the new Hellboy looked really bad after the first trailer.

The second trailer came out and I thought it looked badass.

Then it’s rating comes out. Okay fine, we all knew they were going for an R-rating. The “excessive violence and gore” is what made me decide to hard pass on Hellboy. I don’t mind a bit of that stuff here and there but excessive? No thanks. I generally don’t like horror movies with an excess of that, so I sure as heck don’t want to see a comic book based movie with it.

Besides are the Hellboy comics all that excessively violent? The ones I’ve read weren’t. The new movie strikes me as an excess in wretched overkill, just like Deadpool was. Subtlety, hinting at things, creating clever workarounds? Not in those movies.

I see Del Toro’s Hb flicks are on TV this weekend, so I’ll just watch those instead. Or see Shazam again. Missing Link could be fun…

I’m not a Hellboy fan but 91% on rotten tomatoes doesn’t mean its 9/10 movie. It just means 91% of critics recommends Shazam.

Rotten tomatoes is also a bad way to judge a movie. Aquaman is rated 66% and I thought Aquaman was better than Shazam.

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I was so disappointed by the first trailer, but I was really rooting for Hellboy. We were going to go see it, but we saw the reviews were so bad… And honestly neither of us were surprised. So we passed. My husband was a huge fan of the movies with Ron Pearlman, so he was especially disappointed.
But we did see Shazam and we both loved it!! It’s just sad because we were rooting for both movies to do well