Shazam TV show coming to DCU on Tuesday

The 80’s Shazam TV show will be here on the App on Tuesday.


I had about decided that there must not be anything (besides the weekly comics updates, Doom Patrol episodes and DC daily episodes of course) coming in March and was just happy nothing was leaving either.

But DAMN that is a good selection right there.

Aside from Shazam the TV series. We are getting The Batman vs Dracula (didn’t know that existed until people requested it when The Batman came here. But that is some quick turnaround getting it since most probably haven’t finished binging The Batman yet. Nice) and Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero. Not my favorite but a good animated movie that has been sorely missing.

We are also getting back most of the animated movies that were pulled it seems. I don’t remember all of them but I know it was around 13 movies including the Superman II, III, and IV and Supergirl. I counted 7 animated films returning. That is most of them anyway.

They even mentioned some of the comics coming (or maybe all of them for all we know, hope not but if that is all or most of them it is quality over quantity at least). And it is some nice Batman stories and Emerald Dawn II and III. Including Batman Year 1… I regret ever doubting them.