SHAZAM - Quick Ratings

Ok here’s the deal we all post our ratings on a 5 star scale. Please don’t give a review just 1-5 stars please.

DCComicsCrisis gives Shazam…

5 outta 5



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I’m going with a 3.75/5. (The best “Worlds of DC” movie yet!)

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I’ll give it 4 and one tiger plush out of 5.


Bumpity bump

4 stars. disappointed they avoided using Captain Marvel in the movie, but still a very enjoyable movie.


4 Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese…out of 5


@jeffbg they couldn’t for legal reasons

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Eh. If 5 is a hypothetical perfect movie and 0 is a hypothetical worst possible movie, I’ll give it a solid 3.2. Probably the best DCEU movie yet, with the arguable exception of Wonder Woman.


I give it a solid B, how ever that translates to your numbers. That’s pretty much my opinion of most superhero movies these days.

I will rate it a 4. It definitely is geared toward the millenials and I was upset it wasn’t based on the old school Billy, but everything else was great.

I give it 4.5/5 speeding bullets. Shazam may have been two hours long but I wanted more.

I’d give it 3.5, maybe 4. Solid, funny movie. Worth a ticket to the theater

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Not true they can’t advertise in the title Captain Marvel but in the movie they can.

@jeffbg nope not anymore. DC completely caved a years ago and sold/signed the rights to the name completely over to Marvel.

Just got back from it with family. It was funny and overall pretty good. I would say a 3.75/5.