⚡SHAZAM! officially releases today who's seeing it tonight!?

Got to see the movie during the Fandango pre-release and it was so good! They did everything I was hoping the would with the characters and storyline and I’m still laughing at one joke specifically! Can’t wait to watch it again tonight and probably tomorrow too! :sweat_smile:


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I’m about to go in now

Wishing I could

Got my ticket for tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it

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Literally just left the theater from seeing it. I’m excited for the person who has yet to see it.


There were two showings tonight but I ended up backing out due to seat availability, and bought a ticket for tomorrow afternoon.

I am going tomorrow 10 PM showing. Unfortunately the 3D showings are on small screens near me. So I settled on the extreme screen instead.

Wait there’s a 3D version?..

Yeah but near me only in the smaller screen stadium seating theaters. The large extreme and IMAX are only showing the 2D version. Could be worse.