Shazam! movie toys

I got the Multiverse Shazam yesterday but I didn’t see any of the basic gigs I really want right now.

@LPC76, the Multiverse Shazam is a wonderful figure. Glad to hear you found him!

Which basic figures are you looking for?

The basic s that I’m looking to buy first is Shazam and Mary Marvel. Target is the only store I’ve seen them in so far and they just had Freddy, Darla and Eugene. I checked Amazon and I think most in not all of the basics are pre order or backorder.

The basic Shazam ships four to case from what I’ve read, so you should be able to find him soon enough. Stay on Target :slight_smile:

I believe Amazon is the only store with Mary (and Pedro) right now. Last I looked she was due back in stock around March 31st. When I’ve looked recently, the other figures appear to be (as you said) on backorder.

I wonder if there will be a Dr. Sivana in this line? He’d complete the Seven Sins of Man.

The only Shazam figures my local Wal-Marts have are the Multiverse (1 store only), True Moves and Thunder Punch. The WM closest to me doesn’t have any new DC figures.

I don’t get WM shrinking or getting rid of the DC section. Like the WM closest to me stocked the Batman Missions 6" figures twice I think and never got any more and they sold out both times. The True Moves BM Missions figures sold really good except for the Joker and they stopped carrying those right after Christmas. I could understand if the DC figures didn’t seen to sell about the same as the Marvel figures in my area at least.

Simply put, Walmart definitely could stand to improve their DC toy offerings. A return to consistency would be most welcome.

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Just received the 12" Dr. Sivana figure from Amazon. I’ll write a review later (darn job getting in the way) but he looks great from what I can see ATM.

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I’m probably just gonna order the basic figures but I’m holding for another day or two just hoping I find them in a store first. To me the hunt is just as fulfilling as getting the figure. I still get excited when I see my favorite figures have been restocked.

Opened the 12" True Moves Sivana a while ago. He’s nice, with a good likeness and sculpt.

Nice detail on the face in general, in particular the scars on the right side of his face. The clothes are nicely done. I imagine Sivana’s body could serve as a good basis for customs. Chop off some stuff here, repaint it there, and voila! A generic suit body.

The articulation is good. Head, two points in each shoulder and elbow. Rotating wrists. The legs move up and out (outward movement is hindered by the coat), and single jointed knees wrap up the package. A total of seventeen points.

I imagine Dr. Sivana will be an easy find in the coming weeks. I got mine from Amazon so you can try there or other outlets. Definitely worth $9.99 and then some.

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I got both the Shazam and Sivana Multiverse figures, and they have sold well in my local Wal-Mart. I do like the Thunder Punch Shazam. I think the lightning bolt and sounds are pretty cool. As for the selection of DC figures, I really believe the problem is more with Mattel and would not be surprised if this is one of the reasons they have lost the license for 6" figures (set to expire in Spring 2020, to Spin Master. I have yet to see a single Multiverse figure from the Lex or Lobo wave’s in ANY retail outlet. I end up ordering online, and usually, the price gouging is incredible. It’s a shame, as the Multiverse line has made some significant improvements (double joints, much-improved body sculpts and generally fine paint jobs. But their distribution system is horrible. I’ve not opened my Sivana figure, but the Shazam figure (some lightning bolts would have been cool) is one of the most articulate 6" figure among the entire DC Mattel line. And, I will forever be grateful for the excellent DC Universe Classics Mattel produced. I have a massive collection of those, and am still seeking out some from that line. They had really excellent sculpts and produced truly awesome and sometimes obscure characters. By far the best DC line ever produced.

DC Universe Classics is second only to Kenner’s Super Powers Collection on the “Greatest DC Toylines of All Time” list.

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Fun! I can’t wait to scope out some of the stuff!

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I finally got the basic Shazam and I ordered Mary. I was gonna get Freddy also but both figures my local Target had had blue small blue paint marks on the face in almost the same spot. I don’t open my figures so I passed on Freddy for now.

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So far I’ve got Thunder Punch Shazam, Multiverse Shazam, and Freddy Freeman & Eugene Choi from the basic figure set. All of them are awesome in their own way. The “action features”/electronic features on the Thunder Punch figure are GREAT! Reminds me a lot of toys I had as a kid. The articulation and detail on the Multiverse figure are super cool. And the basic figures are really nice for the $10 price point too. They also have a retro sort of feel to them. And there’s a bit of a size difference between them apparently. Not just repainted bodies with different head sculpts. Eugene is actually a bit taller than Freddy. This is definitely a set of Toys I want to collect a lot of. Next ones I want are Mary from the basic set and Multiverse Sivanna. Also the Funko Pops for Shazam are a must have!

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I finally got Mary Marvel. The funny part is when I ordered her she was supposed to ship on April 7th when I added get to my cart it was April 9th. Then about a week later it was supposed to ship on April 5th. Then a few days later I got a notice say Mary had shipped and I got her on April 1st. I still wish the basic figures where available in more stores than just Target in my area.

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Congrats on getting Mary! She’s pretty swell.

I don’t get why Walmart isnt carrying the basic Shazam figures. Or why they don’t have a promotional display packed with Shazam merch.

Stores miss out on slam dunk, blatantly obvious merchandising opportunities and then in corporate meetings wonder why Amazon is beating them. I mean, maybe if you carry what they do and promote it, you might see why they’re #1.

I got Pedro at Target, I was going to order him from Amazon but he went from having a restock date of the end of April I think it was to currently unavailable. Also I have only saw the single basic Shazam figures online at Amazon and Toywiz. I’ve seen cases for sale and one site actually randomly selects a figure to send you. And I’m not counting Ebay.

I saw Pedro at Target too this past Sunday night. I’m glad he’s showing up more.

Does anybody know the case assortment for the case with Pedro? I’m pretty sure the Target I was at had 5-6 Shazams and 1 Mary and 1Pedro.

I found this assortment at Entertainment Earth: