Shazam! movie toys

I snagged Thunder Punch Shazam at Walmart last night. He is very cool and tons o’ fun! The punching action is cool, the likeness and voice are on point and the many phrases he says are alot of fun. My favorites are:

-“You’re phone is charged and you’re phone is charged! Oh yeah!”
-“Oh grow up! laughs Shazam!”
-“Lightning from my hands! Lightning from my haaaands!”

Really fun figure. Has anyone found him or interested in the movie toys?


No but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this one. Saw the awesome brine king figure with claw action last week and thought about how much I would’ve adored it as a kid


Those sound awesome! I especially like the second phrase. :smile:

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Saw the big figure of Shazam, but that was it…their probably stocking other Shazam goodies later on.

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That’s all that’s out ATM. Did you try him out? He’s so fun!

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Naw, i was on my to work with my quick stop to walmart…shazam did look cool tho.

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Found the $10 12" Shazam figure last night at Walmart. They also had 12" figures of Superman (in his Superman Reborn outfit) and The Flash from the new evergreen Justice League line.

Basic six-inch Shazam figures are showing up too. Looks like Shazam, Freddy (Captain Marvel Jr.), and others members of the Marvel family. I’ve not seen them yet, but news of them is circulating online.


I look forward to the basic 6" line since I have a Mary and a Darla in my family! Hope to see them in person soon, I’ve only seen pics online.


This just made me remember that I really, really want a Shazam figure.


Kitty, if you only buy one Shazam movie figure (and you should buy all of them :slight_smile: ), get the $20 electronic Shaz. It’s so fun! I was playing with him this afternoon and he made me chuckle with his funness.

Moving on, evidently Shazam movie toys have a street date. Nobody knows what is but they’ve got one. The 6" basic figures look nifty.


The DC Multiverse Shazam figures are showing up at Walmart. It’s a two figure wave consisting of Shazam and Dr. Sivana.

Both figures have accessories but there is no Collect and Connect figure for this assortment.


Just bought the Multiverse Shazam figure! Wow! This has got to be the best figure they’ve done! Head sculpt is great! Resembles Levi well! Articulation is phenomenal! Double jointed elbows and knees. Pivot and hinged ankles. Waist swivel and a new design on the crunch hinge! Mattel should have come up with this years ago! Too bad this is probably the last Multiverse release. They finally nailed it, and it’s over. Really sad. If they put this much effort into the entire line, it’d make Marvel’s line look bad!

If you see the Shazam figure, definitely pick it up!

@csidet1971, congrats on finding the Multiverse Shazam! I found him and Dr. Sivana this past Friday and they’re both alot of fun.

The Shazam figures aren’t the end of the Multiverse line yet. They still have the figures shown last summer to get out, such as (this is not a complete list, just what I remember offhand):

-Batman Ninja Batman
-CW Black Lightning
-Flashpoint Aquaman
-Justice League Hawkgirl
-Rebirth Beast Boy
-Rebirth Black Canary
-Rebirth Red Hood
-Rebirth Starfire
-Simon Baz GL
-Collect and Connect Batman Ninja Joker
-Collect and Connect Mammoth

Walgreens Bizarro is out, The Lex Luthor wave is still hitting (saw it twice within the last week at two seperate Target stores, so it’s out there; $5.98 at some locations too!) and the Lobo wave has been trickling out as well.

Then there’s the Batman themed wave of Multiverse shown at Toy Fair this weekend: Toy Biz tribute Keaton Batman, Joker and Riddler along with the Kenner tribute Poison Ivy and the Rebirth Red Robin. There’s also rumor of a wave with Alfred, Katana, some other characters I don’t recall ATM and a CandC Killer Croc.

The Signature Multiverse line has the DeVito Penguin and Ledger Joker on deck as well.

So…the Multiverse line still has some gas in the tank before the Mattel action figure era ends (they will likely continue with DC product under the Hot Wheels and Imaginext brands but I’ve not seen confirmation of that yet) and we switch into the McFarlane and Spin-Master eras.

That’s alot of Multiverse product to get out by the end of the year. I sincerely hope it all makes it as it looks great and those figures are all inspired choices.

Vroom, good to hear there’s still some things coming. Hopefully they don’t cancel. And hopefully they make more figures like the Shazam figure! Wonderful sculpt and articulation!

I found the ever so rad Thunder Punch Shazam at Target last night. He didn’t have a shelf tag nor did I scan him. In terms of street dates and being blocked from purchasing product, I didn’t have any issues when I got my TPS at Walmart, so I imagine Target would be problem free too.

Amazon has the basic assortment Shazam figures in stock. $9.99 each and they come out this Friday, March 1st.

The following characters are in this line:


They each include an Enemy of Man character as a villain to do battle with.

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Today I went to Target to see if they had any and they didnt… and I called the other target in town and they didnt have any either and said they weren’t getting any anytime soon… I thought it was the weridest thing ever, because they had Captain Marvel today’s, but thought it was odd they didnt.

But I also did see them on sale on Amazon, so I’ll probably order the figure i want. I’m pretty stoked!



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I’m not suprised. Target and Walmart aren’t the best at putting Mattel DC movie product out on the street date (Toys R Us OTOH was good about it). I imagine they have other agreements with Mattel, who then allows product to go out later.

I ordered the Shazam figures from Amazon. They’re due on Tuesday.


I went by two Targets Friday night and both had the basic assortment figures, 12" Shazam and Thunder Punch Shazam.

If you want Shazam! movie toys, they ought to be easy finds now =)