Shazam Movie Action Figures Review. (potential spoilers)

The Amazing Amazon came a knockin’ (no, it wasn’t Wonder Woman, but good guess :slight_smile: ) and now I’ve got five of the six (Pedro will arrive at a later date) Shazam basic assortment movie figures!

My thoughts:

-Sculpts: fantastic! Shazam looks like Zachary Levi while Freddy looks like Adam Brody.

I don’t know the actresses that play Mary or Darla, but from a general point of view, they look very good. Mary looks like Clarke Wolfe cosplaying as her.

I’m not familiar with the actor that plays Eugene but his sculpt is nice, generally speaking.

-Articulation: also fantastic! They all have head, ball jointed shoulders, swivel elbow, swivel and hinge wrists, waist, leg and knee movement. All but Mary have bootcuff swivels. Mary has 18 points of articulation while the rest have 20 points each.

-Accessories: each figure comes with a creature representing the Seven Deadly Sins of Man. Shazam has Wrath, Freddy has Pride, Darla has Greed, Mary has Sloth (“Hi you guys!” says Sloth from Goonies), and Eugene has Gluttony.

The bad guys are squishy and can be wrapped around the heroes to an extent. They can also be used as projectiles (pull on 'em, then let go and they fly towards your figure of choice) since they fall under the Power Slingers branding.

This is the second movie line to utilize the Power Slingers branding/concept as it debuted in the Justice League movie basic figure line and ran for three series there.

-Detailing: very nice. The tiny lines and such in the bodysuits are visible and competently executed. The same goes for each figure’s cape, gauntlets, belts and boots as well as Darla’s half skirt.

-Scale: the only reason I mention this really is that Eugene is tall. He towers over everyone. I don’t know if that’s movie accurate, or just a design/production gaffe, but it caught my eye.

There you have it Shazamites. These are all very well done and absolutely worth $9.99 each. You get fantastic sculpts, articulation and detail along with a fun villain figure for each hero. I suppose you could technically argue these are two-packs, given that you get a hero and villain in each package, but to me the villains are characters that serve as accessories too.

Go pick 'em up and come back to express your thoughts. Don’t forget the fine Shazam related entertainment available through DCU either. It’s enough to turn a boy into an adult superhero =)


Courtesy of Amazon, Pedro showed up on my doorstep today.

He’s as fun as the rest of the group. Twenty points of articulation, a good likeness (to whom I’m unaware, but the face looks nice generally speaking), and his Enemy (aka Sin) of Man to do battle with is Envy.

Fun figure!

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Last time I looked on Amazon Mary Marvel’s estimated shipping time was 1-3 months, I thought that was funny. Also I’m glad the figures are selling.

They do seem to be selling well, both at Amazon and Target. The Targets I first saw Shazam figures at had a full case of eight one night. I went back for groceries the next afternoon and there was one Freddy left.

Regarding Pedro, he looks alot like Rahul Kohli from iZombie. Love the face printing tech on these figures.

I like that he is scaled a bit taller than the traditional Multiverse figures. He looks good next to the figures from Arrow and the Flash!