Shazam! Home Video Release Dates

The glorious cinematic debut of The World’s Mightiest Mortal arrives on Digital HD and 4K July 2nd, while the 4K, 3D and standard flavored Blu-rays, along with the DVD, debut two weeks later on July 16th.

Are you going to buy Shazam?


Yeah I will buy the digital version. I never saw it in theaters so I gotta make it up by buying it lol


Heck yes I will be! Such a good movie!


When is it coming out on VHS?


@iJest The same day as the AC-3 audio Laserdisc.

I’ll be buying the Digital 4K edition of Shazam. Loved this movie.


I’m going to wait to see what direction they take the sequel. Plus, nowadays, movies are released in combo packs.

Wow that was quick lol

@GL_Kevin, same here. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t see it in theaters and will def be getting it on my amazon instant video

Does anyone know if they announced where it would eventually be streaming? Not expecting it to be here just wondering where it would be?

I just pre-ordered the Amazon Video On Demand version of Shazam, this way I can stream it whenever I want.

I almost never buy…I’ll definitely rent it though! I was out of country when it was in theaters. Technically it’s still in a few theaters, but they’re all too far from me :frowning:

whew, same day as Titans on blu-ray … scheduling vacation now

@Applejack, WB should provide a code when you buy a DVD/Blu-ray movie that you can enter into your DCU account giving you access to a digital version here on the site. WB offered digital copies of the Harry Potter series, so it’s been done before.

I will be purchasing the DVD/BluRay set. I cannot wait for Doom Patrol to make it to DVD too. I like owning hard copies.


I’ll buy the blu-ray over Black Friday

Having the digital edition before July 4th will be a nice way to ring in Independence Day.

Good timing WBHE!