SHAZAM! Fury Of The Gods: WB's Choice To Reveal Surprise Cameo

Yesterday, as I passed on watching the Oscars (Can’t beat last year’s Lol), I decided to scroll on YouTube and saw that WB had released a new TV Spot for Shazam! Fury Of The Gods… The spot reveals the (possibly) a surprise cameo of Wonder Woman. As cool as it is to know that Wonder Woman will show up in the film, I feel that reveal takes away from the moviegoing experience and the shock/surprise factor when being in the moment. This isn’t the first time studios have made this decision in the last couple of years as Marvel Studios made the same choice by unveiling the entire Illuminati team in a tv spot for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Surprise appearances of characters (especially in comic book films) I believe are not meant to be spoiled in their trailers. Remember those days when Marvel, DC, Lucasfilm, or any other studio for example did everything they could to prevent the stupidest spoiler from leaking on the internet, even when that leak had no significance? What’s happening today? Lately film trailers seem to be intentionally spoiling their own films to get the internet buzzing about the film, and while that may be effective, I also believe that it takes away of going to the theater and being surprised. Just my opinion. I do want to know what everyone else thinks of the idea of studios ruining the surprises of their own films.

The following video below reveals the spoiler, so watch at your own risk :warning:

:00_shazam:SHAZAM!! :00_shazam:


It… SUCKS :weary:

When it comes to spoilers I put more blame on the ‘scoopers’ on social media since at least for me things such as surprise cameos and/or plot points are generally spoiled well in advanced of the movie trailers coming out.

This game of engagement through exclusives these scoopers play are what spreads across the internet and end up as those recommended thumbnails, titles and tweets that I don’t want to see.

Unlike Sony that spoil their movies for no reason I see why WB did it for Black Adam and Shazam. Hopefully with this new DCU they don’t fall into a pattern. Treat the other directors projects like they treated Gunn’s Peacemaker and not show the reallly reallly cool surprises in the marketing.


I think by scoopers leaking the spoilers, it forces studios to openly reveal the surprise and use it as a marketing tool to draw more people in, since they already know that spoiler will be the big talk, regardless if audiences already knew about it or not. Still blows.

Amazing Justice League surprise that put my jaw to the floor lol


Funny enough I avoided the spoilers from this thread and the internet itself with this one, but you know what revealed this to me? My TV! Even the commercial advertisement on regular cable TV shows this.

Look, it should go without saying that cameos and easter eggs and things like that are fun to see. Yes it’s a shock factor but at least it’s a fun one. BUT, if you have to spoil it and make your audience aware of what the cameo is ahead of time… that’s not okay with me. One, it obviously ruins the surprise, but two, it makes it look like a marketing strategy just to bring people in. If seeing who the surprise cameo appearance is is going to be the selling factor to get you to decide to see Shazam 2 if you weren’t before… then are you really willing to go see the movie for the starring characters and story at all? Is that one little appearance going to be the only reason why you’d go to the theater to support this movie? I really hope I don’t have to further explain why this is an issue. You should go see a movie in theaters and SUPPORT it if you’d like to know what the story is. This is a sequel, so did you like the first one and have been waiting years to see where the next one would go? I know I have. Shazam was great, it was a great twist in mood and change of pace from the other DC movies coming out at the time. I’m rambling but I think you get the point here.

I think relying on cameos and guest appearances to carry the weight of your film’s audience interest (based on how it looks from the promotional side, that is) seems wrong to me. If anything, it makes it look like there isn’t much faith in the product and you’re trying your absolute best to make sure that people are interested, key word there being LOOKS LIKE. I’m not saying that’s the case, I get that it’s supposed to build fan hype, but to others like me who overthink things like this, it can come off that way. I know that it’s supposed to be a shock factor for us comic fans, and would totally knock the socks off for general audience members who didn’t know team ups between other characters could happen (I noticed this from the GA with the Flash trailer, asking what Batman had to do with the Flash :roll_eyes:), but if you watched the original Shazam then you knew already that there might have been another chance for a cameo appearance like there was in the original. Or maybe not, what if they decided to do something different and not include one? Either way, we should have found out about it during the first viewing of it :wink:


For the first time I didn’t touch the spoiler, I really want to see this movie on my birthday next week, sorry that the trailer spoil a suprise, I’m sure the movie will still be great! :grinning:


Me running through this thread like

Still really looking forward to seeing this movie on Friday — I’m definitely as surprised as you all are about the way that cameo was revealed though.


That’s awesome! I hope you enjoy your birthday :00_shazam:


Sorry about that stress lol. I wanted to express that thought about the odd marketing for films like this and was curious about what everyone else thinks.


No apologies needed! You tagged everything in here correctly so I know not to spoil myself. I didn’t catch that moment in the Oscars so I’m curious about the decision made to reveal it that way :thinking:


Don’t mind it if it’s what it appears to be: a one note gag.

But if it has the possibility to be more, then I’d be disappointed.


I’m kind of bummed people are predicting Shazam 2 will bomb. It only had half the budget of Black Adam so it only needs to make $300 million worldwide to make WB money! Surely it can do that!

I know March is a busy month for movies and theres a lot of competition but hopefully good word of mouth gets people in seats!


John Wick Chapter 4, Scream VI, and Creed 3 are most likely getting more attention from audiences than Shazam!

I don’t blame those people though

It probably needs around 315. Based on its projections it might bery well make less.

Here is to a big haul from it.

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I just saw this thread because I basically ignored the word ‘Shazam’ in the weeks before this movie came out. I saw this movie this afternoon and about 2 hours before I went to the theater, someone on my facebook posted about this cameo and spoiled it for me.

It sucks that it was officially released and it sucks that spoilers are so common these days. Half the time they are in the trailers. (Looking at you Antman 3 trailer) I want to be surprised by movies. I don’t want to have to stay off the internet for a week before a movie comes out just to ensure that I can see a movie without knowing what is going to happen.

Also, Flash spoilers are already out and that doesn’t come out until June. Luckily, I haven’t seen any yet. But it just makes any time on the internet almost scary. It’s awful.

So yeah, the only spoiler I like is Stephanie Brown. Movie companies shouldn’t be releasing spoilers and they should be protecting that information so it doesn’t get out before the movie is released.


That just really sucks.

This reminds me of something. I saw so many jokes that Stephanie would be in the end credit scene of Black Adam, and it took me way too long to get the joke.


Yep, it does. The only good thing was that I just saw that it was that character. Nothing about what they were doing in the cameo. So, at least I was still surprised when they showed up. But still. It sucks.


Now I kinda wanna know the spoiler :eyes:


Me thinking Stephanie Brown is in the movie :man_facepalming:


The best™️


All you need to do is turn on your TV to ABC or something. They show the trailer during commercial breaks now. I was just trying to watch The Voice and listen to the hot Irish guy talk and next thing I know a special character most of us hold dear in our hearts shows up in the Shazam trailer, full face and voice this time, not just from the neck down like the first movie.