Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

I agree with this point. I think hopefully in whatever else Shazam ends up appearing in, Billy Batson is a bit more confident in his powers and role as a superhero.

Also, did anyone else catch the Michael Gray cameo??


“You’re the best, Captain Marvel!”

As soon as I saw him rocking his old shirt in that crowd scene, I thought “Hey, its the live-action TV Captain Marvel! Neat!”

SN: “Thundercrack” was a cute name suggestion. Doesn’t have the charm of “Captain Marvel”, but…it works…in a way.


Yeah! I thought that was a really nice touch.



Besides Sandberg and Gray, are there any other cameos in the movie?

Speaking of things to keep one’s eyes open for…

A Wonder Woman-branded coffee cup can be seen in the Shazamily’s lair. Its red and bears the logo Wonder Woman v2 had from the '90s until 2006, when it concluded.

I don’t remember the precise scene offhand, but I do know it’s seen on the right of its featured scene.

So, keep your peepers peeled on the right hand of the screen during all scenes in the Shazamily’s lair and you should make the cup out.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, the wizard Shazam makes for one ugly Wonder Woman. :laughing: Diana he is not.


I also thought it was kind of hilarious that the movie inserted some meta-commentary on how confusing the Shazam’s history is, with Captain Marvel etc.–as well as in the post credits scene, when Shazam had to look up the Justice Society on the internet :rofl:


Not that I noticed! But here’s a fun list of the easter eggs throughout the movie:


Thank you. That guy showed up and it was so obviously a cameo of Someone. But I had no idea who they were.


“The Avenger Society!”

I loved seeing Harcourt and Economos.

Army Of Darkness Evil Dead GIF - Army Of Darkness Evil Dead Bruce Campbell GIFs


T-minus (math amount of hours and minutes) until I run off to catch this myself. I made it this far without seeing who the surprise cameo is, which is impressive!


Groovy! Hope you enjoy it!

“Impressive. Most impressive.”

tips his Gatorade in appreciation


This movie opened on Saint Patrick’s Day. Shouldn’t all their uniforms be green?


Damn! I guess there’s no point in seeing it today

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Here is a Rotten Tomatoes update.

Critics are still at 54. That score should overall stay the same :frowning:

Audiences are at 84, which is actually higher than the first film, but that number will probably go down. It should still be a very respectable number.


Well, if @staticshocks and @Vroom are in California, enjoy those Skittles as long as you can, because Cali. is debating if Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, El Paso sauce, and other quick snacks should be banned. Good thing I never really cared to taste the rainbow lol


Not in CA, just near it.

:facepalm_catwoman: Its nice to see the Golden State is wanting to take the golden fun out of sugary snacking.

There surely aren’t other, bigger, more socially-impactful priorities to focus on in CA, are there folks who think taking candy away is a good idea? Nope! Everything’s hunky-dory, taken care of and as perfectly perfect as it could be, so watch out, candy! :roll_eyes:

“But why?”

Skittles are pretty darn good…despite what ignorantly-minded folks in CA politics incorrectly think.

I’m typically not one for horse-riding (I love watching it, though), but I would eat some Skittles whilst riding a ferocious, black and badass unicorn. Just sayin’.


I just prefer starburst to Skittles.


As Darla weeded out yellow Skittles to give to Hespera, I would weed out orange Starbursts to give to her.

Strawberry Starbursts OTOH, those are for heroes…and, like coffee, closers.

David Mamet nods in agreement in the corner as he unwraps a Strawberry Starburst

The biggest plus for Skittles in comparison to Starburst is that Skittles can be hammered down, easy-peasy.

None of this taking the paper wrapper off of every piece, like Starburst jazz. No, sir.


I was more of a Whoppers kid going to the theater


I’m not saying Skittles was crap, but it wasn’t my top 5 favorite candies

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