Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

If you want to rent the film without buying it then it will be available for rent on May 30th on vudu (in the meantime I am sure RedBox has it).

On a related note 12.99 is very cheap for a new movie. It makes me wonder if Warner Bros is either

A) desperately hoping at least somebody buys it there (odd since I think the DVD is selling well)

B) Hoping lots of people buy it and give it good word of mouth.

In contrast to that cheap price Black Adam costs 19.99,

Super PEts- 9.99

The Batman 14.99

Lego Batman 14.99

The Suicide Squad- 14.99

Birds of Prey- 9.99 (it is on sale so irrelevant)

Joker- 14.99

Shazam- 14.99

This really cheap price interests me in what they are doing.

Shazam has lost its ideal DVD spot to Dungeons and Dragons, but everything seems to be selling well.

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Giving an update on its sales. First week it pulled a surprise upset and beat Creed III for the top spot. It is now falling.

At my Walmart it had the number 2 spot but the poster. Dungeons and Dragons took the top spot and sold well, but the real surprise. Black Adam style 65 grabbed the poster and completely sold out multiple times. Now Mario and Renfield and Shazam 2 is staying on the shelves with little movement and other than Creed it has the worst spot on the new releases shelf.

So number 1 opening week. Probably 3 its second. Probably 5 for week 3.

I just checked vudu. Apparently it is bombing there in spite of its very low price.

As projected it got third place second week.

It is fourth in rentals.

I mean… D&D has been my favorite movie this year and is just fun awesomeness. Hard to compare to that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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In week 3 it fell to 7.

  1. Mario
  2. Wick
  3. D and D
  4. Renfield
  5. 65
  6. Spider-Verse (ouch)

I just watched the special features. It was a kind of bittersweet seeing how excited everyone was to be making this movie. The energy was great, and they all seemed to be having a blast. I hope they get a nod in some future project, even if it’s just a Philly news clip or something in the background.

The general showcase of different movie making aspects was nice, although most didn’t get into too much detail. The monster descriptions and renderings were neat - this is one of the coolest dragons I’ve seen. My favorite feature may have been on the villains. Some of the segments seemed to pull snip its from the same interviews, which was a bit annoying though.

Most deleted scenes were just extensions, but a few stood out that could have added a bit more character depth. For example Mary had a few that showed her job, desire to be living the college life, and new costume (an Oxford shirt). Shazam and Hespera had an expanded pre-death talk. Billy tried to have a talk with Freddie about his fear of losing the family he’d just found.


I watched this movie once it came to Max. It wasn’t too bad as a sequel to Shazam, though it felt needlessly long while also feeling like it was missing key moments that were most likely left on the cutting room floor. And Billy was barely in it, which is a big problem: the Big Red Cheese himself is too silly to evoke any strong emotional connection. In the end, I’d give it a slight edge over Black Adam, and I probably would have preferred a combination of these two movies rather than two separate Fawcett-founded flicks.


Although it’s been awhile, I again, find myself in agreement with the sentiments expressed by my community colleague, Mr. Knox. I too recently just saw Shazam: Fury of the Gods (likewise on Max) and wanted to add my two cents to the conversation, for what it’s worth. His observations on the film leave room for me to express other things.

Not sure why SFOTG failed to catch fire at the box-office. Although all the criticims from critics and fans alike must be taken seriously, given the drop off in ticket sales, so quickly after opening weekend. But, having said that, personally, I enjoyed the heck out of it! Even if certain scenes did activate quirky memories of mine. Like the Harpies bringing back Jason & the Argonauts (one of the best fantasy films ever made), And the Dragon reminded me of a certain DC hc/gn by Christopher Moeller from 2000. One or two other things also took me out of the moment. But only for a moment. I’d hardly call them distractions.

I thought the story held up pretty well. Much better than Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 1984. Calling Billy out for apparently lacking the wisdom of Solomon, was a nice bit. Something Cap almost always failed to use in the comics. Until the writer remembers that power is there. Likewise, observing the Zeus connection between “Captain Everything” and Wonder Woman, was well handled. And speaking of Billy’s lack of a super-hero name, I couldn’t agree more. Never liked him being called Shazam. And I still don’t. Along with copyrighting the Shazam title, it seems DC could also have done the same with a new name for Billy’s adult self. Something like, oh I don’t know, Captain Thunder maybe? Just for old times sake! Sorry, that’s just me venting, on what could’ve been.

The Shazamily in action, was and is, a bunch of untrained super-powered children. Which indeed they are. The bridge sequence was designed to show this. The “after-class” aftermath at the Rock of Eternity made that even more obvious. Billy was right to bring it up and get them to try and work on better teamwork. We saw how that all worked out. The foster family interactions of the first film were (i thought) built upon rather well in this sequel.

And just as in the first WW film, the mythology of the Greek Gods (like the Daughters of Atlas), were shown to be very real in the modern world. Yes, overall, I found the film most enjoyable. And the end credit scene would seem to indicate, that Shazam may still have a future in the larger cinematic world being developed by Mr. Gunn. We can only hope.

Well, like I said, it’s only my two cents. And this late in the game, probably doesn’t count for much.

Stay safe, and be well.


That’s why.


Not a chance. No Shazam 3. No Flash 2. No Wonder Woman 3. No Black Adam 2.

Black Adam, Shazam 2, and now Flash- that’s 3 strikes. The Snyderverse is out.


Just watch its commercials. They are just awful in every way.

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Yeah, I think marketing dropped the ball on this movie. Worse movies have done better financially, which is sad. It wasn’t perfect (e.g. the dragon looked awesome, but was slow to do anything in the climax with Shazam), but it was fun overall for me.


That’s a shame. Creed 3 is easily the best one.


Part of it is the best selling version is the case with all 3 of them, but even then sales are not good. Maybe it is the actor who got in trouble.

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Maybe I should make a home media sales thread.

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Yeah, considering the reputation and favorability of the first movie, I didn’t necessarily expected rave reviews (it didn’t earn them) but I did expect much better box office. I think it was hurt far more by people simply not wanting to spend money, in part because of it being on HBO Max eventually and fairly soon, and because the trailers didn’t make it look like something people needed to see in theater (although why so many spent money on Super Mario escapes me).

It wasn’t definitely over-stuffed. While the shazkids are cute and mostly fun, they didn’t have much to do in the first film or the second, and a lot of the time spent on them could have gone to more development for Mary and leaving Freddie where he was, and again, spending more time on Lucy Lui character (without her being one note) as well as Helen Mirren. That said, I think something more playful and more comic-booky would have worked better than, essentially, three OCs.

I would have used a combination of an alien invasion by the crocodile men, and a Killer Robot created by people influenced by the crocodile alien invaders, who ends up being Mr. Atom (he doesn’t need an origin or a back story, he’s just a big killer robot who wants to conquer the world because that was the tech left by the crocodile aliens.

I also would have done away with all the stuff that simply repeated beats from the first movie.

I also agree with Point 1 (which I know others have repeated here) and Point 4 by @Zontar_of_Pellucidar, and the points others are making here (@AlexanderKnox, @wrightline1.42741) and, as I say at the start and as my pal, @TheTerrificToyman also points out, streaming.

People will go out to theaters. Just not for every single movie. There’s a documentary I want to see playing tonight, right near me, and I can easily afford the $12, but I doubt I will as it’s the last night it’s playing, it’s already on Prime and iTunes, for only $4.99, and that’s more appealing when I’d otherwise go out by myself to see it. Even if I had a date, or some such, it’s more than likely we’d do something else, like go out to eat and drink, than sit in a theater for 90-120 minutes.


Every reason you said people did not watch it also affects Mario. It failed because both commercials are downright awful, Zachary Levi, general audiences never caring about the first film, bad release date, skittles, and having no niche.