Shazam! ⚡ (2019) Update

So Shazam is going to go through 2-3 week reshoots soon, from what I heard this was all planned anyway and that these reshoots are to add additional footage, and fix some little things. I know a while back David mentioned about changing Shazam boots. Though here’s what I find most interesting, Twitter scoopers such as DanielRPK posted Superman (Cavill) hints last night, another scooper said that we could be getting some Superman related soon and it could be why DC shot down those Superman TV show rumours. Henry Cavill finishes filming Witcher this week. Maybe after he’s done he could be flying to Toronto to film that Shazam cameo? I have hope. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This is true, the reshoots were already planned and aside from what the ajepart said, I think they’re also going to tweak the lightning bolt on his chest to give it a more “magical” look.

Didn’t know WB shot down the Superman tv rumors and about any Superman tweets for Shazam