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Regarding titans, I think its leading up to having the teen titans like with Damian or Tim as the robin. And dick will become nightwing and go solo.


I like that theory but we would need Jason Todd to die first. I’d watch a Nightwing show

I’ll give you one of each.

Shows: Rogol Zaar will make his on-screen debut in CW’s Supergirl.

Comics: Silencer is going to be a major character in the upcoming Leviathan event.

Movies: Green Lantern Corps’ breakout character will be Jessica Cruz.

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Are they going to make a green lantern movie?

Next year!

Do we have a source for this, @HCQ?

If they are, I cant wait!

I remember hearing about it last year… maybe it’s been changed since then? But google “Green Lantern Corps July 24 2020” and there are a ton of results. My news could be out of date.

Here’s one:

Okay, so the release date may be in flux, but plans are extant for a GLC movie.


The things is, about a month ago Warner brothers announced that they are going to stop making a dc cinematic universe (like marvel) and just have dc cinematic. Basically they are only going to have individual superhero movies and nothing really connected.

It could be I read wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it was.